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Caught Between the World and – Kansas City?

Ok, I’ve gotta give a shout-out to Jenn of People I Want to Punch in the Throat here. I found inspiration in her post yesterday.

I have GOT to go to Kansas City. Forget Paris, New York, Montreal and London.

Kansas City is Where It’s At. Why?

Why, the Stiletto Fitness Class, of course!

Forget the hype around H-town about S-Factor workouts. With the Stiletto Fitness class, I can ” get the heartrate up the SEXY way.” And for added benefits, I can learn “simple traditional and contemporary dance moves combined to create short routines you can take with you and do at home or at a party.”

Thank goodness! NOW I have an excuse to go out dancin’ at the club. And when everyone is amazed at my moves, I can coyly remark that I learned them in Stiletto Fitness class.

My personal fave gem from this site is this one: “Stiletto Fitness is a class for those that are interested in just starting out to see if you might like it all the way up to the more advanced who are looking to improve sexy skills.”

What qualifies me as ‘advanced?’ Do I have to dance for a living to be ‘advanced’ or what? If I think I’m advanced does that count? Is there a test? I’m confused.

And what kind of ‘sexy skills’ should I be looking to improve? This partly-southern chick needs more explanation. Or an example. Or a picture. Zumba is plenty complicated enough for me.

Obviously I’m not sexy enough for Kansas City. Good thing I don’t live there…

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