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I’m Not a Gal, Thank You Very Much

Just a couple of things before moving on from yesterday’s post. I am all for tough love. I use it liberally and often. Especially with the pants issue. And I must say that, generally, the minions have learned that it does help to wear a jacket when it’s chilly outside. But the pants thing – well, two specific issues made me flex the mom muscle.

First, both minions get strep like clockwork – at least once a year. It hasn’t hit yet, so odds are it’s coming. Since the Spouse and I both work, it’s tricky if we have a sick minion. Not to mention the fact that strep is nasty, we try to avoid it, and if a kid is dressed appropriately that cuts down on the sickness factor.

Second, I really don’t want to get that call from the teacher. The one saying, ‘I’m sure you don’t realize that your child left the house this morning with shorts, a t-shirt and no jacket.’ Call me defensive – but knowing the school system as I do, a call like that can pretty much translate to ‘Negligent Parent.’ I don’t need that label, or even the hint of it right now – or ever. So it’s really a Catch-22. Let them freeze and get the school involved, or flex the mom muscle and back off of the tough love. Just this once – I’m flexing the muscle and backing off.

Moving on. I had a day off with the minions yesterday. Good times. Cleaning house, movie and roller rink. Then a nap. I needed a day to recharge and regroup after Friday’s work-related craziness.

What kind of craziness? I’ll gladly tell you. I jokingly say that my office is pretty much Mad Men without the constant smoking and martinis. It’s a bustling dynamic that is SO different from the elementary school vibe. I love it. Working around a bunch of sales guys is refreshing. Sorry, ladies, but men just don’t have the mood swings that we do. If they get mad, they get mad. Cuss a little, storm around, and it’s done. No grudges or smoldering afterwards. Awesomeness. I can totally handle that.

But last week I hit the wall. Seems like everyone decided to come back Thursday and Friday stressed and feeling behind on anything work related. Needs were urgent, immediate and all top priority. Which was fine. I’d much rather be too busy than bored on any given day. I thrive on it. For some reason, though, last week it was just too much. Along with my normal training classes to teach and marketing materials to revise and edit I was asked to give a presentation in a meeting. Pretty big deal, too. Showing a client all of the tech resources available to our guys on a daily basis.

After the meeting was rescheduled three times, I was definitely prepared. If nothing else, prepared to get it done. And then it happened.

The guy leading the meeting introduced me as ‘one of the office gals.’

Excuse me? What is this, 1958?That was my first thought, and then it hit me. I really do work in Mad Men.

I kept my filter on, and that’s pretty much all I’ll say about it here. Other than the fact that I was never asked to give my presentation. But I did get the pleasure of sitting through the entire two hour meeting. And that was only the beginning of my Friday. Ho hum.

And I know that I’m really working on thinking and saying things positively this month, so I can honestly say that…

I am positive that, today, if I hear about crafty mamas who ‘only’ have X hours to craft each day in the midst of keeping the house and minding the minions – I will scream. Or at least punch someone in the throat. I’m pretty sure that, however frustrated they may be, no one in their home refers to them as a ‘gal.’

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