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Psychedelic Dreamin’

Wow. This is a new one. A weekend post. Coolness. Guess my daily writing habit is starting to stick, and I like it. And of course, the idea for this post came while I was on my regular weekend walk so I had no way of writing it down. I’m home now, the minions are occupied, and it’s a good writing time.

Few people know that I”m a fan of 60’s psychedelic rock. Particularly Strawberry Alarm Clock. ‘Incense and Peppermints’ is a given, but the really wild stuff comes into play with tunes like ‘Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow’ and ‘Sit With the Guru.’ Makes me really wonder what kind of drug-induced haze those dudes lived in back in the day.

But last night’s dreams could definitely give them a run for their money. Seriously.

Granted, I take regular medication for a health condition, but that doesn’t usually give me the kind of hallucinogenic dreams I had last night. Wow. No idea where most of those came from. If I were a dream analyst or therapist I’d probably be scared of me right about now.

Take, for example, the first scenario. Scene – a snowy blustery night on a mountainside. A house. Me and a newborn baby (??!) out in the snow, fighting off a herd of what can only be described as creatures crossed between direwolves from Game of Thrones and wargs from The Hobbit. Ok, since the minions’ choice for Movie Night was The Lord of the Rings, that almost makes sense. But throw in the head honcho from my office, my own kids, and them practicing their recorders from music class and it just gets weird.

Second scenario: Back at the office, but in a hugely tall building in the snow. Company event – I signed up for a snowboarding contest. Um, I’ve never even skied, much less snowboarded. So you can imagine, in my dream, the relief I felt when the roads were so icy they became impassable. Of course I found this the hard way when my ATV slid into a ditch. Can’t figure out which is crazier – the idea of me driving an ATV or my feeling relief at sliding down a mountainside road into a deep ditch in the dark.

Third scenario – and by far the most psychedelic of all: a bit of extended-family drama about holiday preparations, traveling through a guerrilla-ridden wilderness to get to the mall, and receiving the normal Christmas cards. Except for one. My jokingly-named Nemesis decided to up the ante and, in lieu of cards, send out video blogs. Yep, you read that right. And her video blog was by far the most Pinstrocious, Pinstrosity-laden dose of overkill you could imagine. Think the SNL skit with Ana Gasteyer doing the topless Martha Stewart Christmas special (just the narration – not the content!) Slow-moving montages of the fireplace mantel decor, which spelled out cutesy, profound sayings in hand-painted decorations. The zoom in on the fireplace itself, filled with handpicked greenery (of course) and hand-dipped candles – along with the narration, ‘Lo, the heart of the home gloweth with the green of renewal and light of the season. It is a wonder mighty to behold.’ The Christmas tree. Etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum.


And all of that nemesis-designed perfection was followed by a flash scene of me in my college apartment getting ready for my parents to visit. There was so much crap everywhere. I’m talking crushed-up muffins on the floor, empty cupcake wrappers crusted to the stove, dirty towels littering the counters and floor. Huh? My roomie and I weren’t neat freaks but we NEVER got that bad. And through all of this my neat-freak mom just smiled and made idle conversation – not even trying to pick anything up.

Add in a sprinkling of me trying to run cross country chased by criminals, and is it any wonder I woke up with a thick head and sinus headache this morning? It’s a wonder I’m even functioning. Not exactly restful.

Anyhoo, like I said – any dream analyst would run screaming. I’m not even going to try and hash any of it out. Wow. A glass-half-full person would probably praise my imagination. But you know what? If that’s my imagination, we need to have a CTJ. Now. Either it channels itself into more constructive outlets, like topics for writing or insight to my life – or I’m turning it off. Deleting it. Like that movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Or, just maybe, it was my subconscious way of rebelling against today’s monster project – shoveling out R’s room to find the necklace he put ‘in such a safe place that I forgot where it was.’

Hopefully it’s the latter. Or I’m gonna really start questioning my sanity… And give Strawberry Alarm Clock a serious run for their money.

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