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Just Stop!

Apparently this was the message my body sent to me yesterday. Which was inconvenient. And unfortunate.

See, we basically live a normal lifestyle. You know, the one where people work 8-5 (or in my case 9-6) and the kids go to school. So weekends are kind of a big deal. Cleaning house, errands, family time, church – it all has to fit into the two days between Friday and Monday. Unlike those people who live an alternative lifestyle where they can do their ‘weekend stuff’ anytime. Our time is limited.

Back to the weekend. Saturday was on schedule: cleaning, time with the kiddoes, committee meeting for me, yardwork for Lance, lunch and Aggie game. I actually took a nap! Got ready for date night, dinner and… Kid number two hit the wall. Tears, sobs. Big brother begged us not to go out and not to take the kids to parents night out at the gym.

We went anyway. Bond movie was pretty good – not great, but Daniel Craig was nice to look at, as always 🙂

The result? Kids slept until 10:30 yesterday. So no church. You know the saying about not waking a sleeping baby? Amplify that for my guys. And by 10:30 I was just about done. Spent some time hanging with them and had to rest just after 11.

That’s when the body said Stop. Fam tried to get me up just after 3 to run errands. Fail. It was nearly six before I was coherent. And then I planned to get all my stuff done when the kids were in bed. Fail again. I was asleep by then and didn’t wake up until my alarm this morning.

I have NEVER spent an entire day in bed when I wasn’t sick. Ever. So what gives? The only thing I can think of – besides the realization that I hadn’t taken my meds since Friday – was that my body was just done. Done. And told me to stop and rest.

So if that’s what I needed, why do I feel so guilty??

And providentially, this link came to my inbox just this morning:

Who knew?

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