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Oh, the Temptation…

This is one of those human moments for me. That moment where you realize that, despite your efforts at self-improvement, positive thinking, prayer, learning, reading, etc., etc., etc. – you’re only human. And in this case it’s not a good realization.

Because I’m tempted to do something that’s definitely not positive, not self-improved and will in no way benefit the common good. In fact it would make things worse.
So why am I so completely tempted to do it?
Because, in my ten-year-old mind, some part of me thinks that someone deserves a comeuppance. Like that word? It’s one my grandma used to use when talking about anyone who had gotten ‘uppity’ or tried to ‘live above their means.’ In elementary-teacher-speak, I’d simply say that they deserve it. And who am I to decide what someone deserves?
Nobody. I’m nobody. But (and I hear my youngest minion’s voice in my own head here) it’s not right that they can get away with being wrong and nobody telling them about it. You’ve gotta insert the temper-filled whine into that sentence to get the full impact that my minion would give it. Without that it’s just a random sentence.
Ironic that I’ve been doing a lot of reading about humility and finding a humble state of mind, huh? Because really – it’s not my place to decide what someone else needs. Not. At. All. And the big problem here??
Giving this person their comeuppance would feel so good. At least in the short term. After that I’d just feel terrible.
Guess it’s back to prayer and self-improvement for this flawed human. And I’ll keep the filter on – the titanium setting.

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Walk it Out – January

So, I’m not exactly starting with the unachievable goal this month. If you read yesterday’s post, you read about my resolution of the month plan for this year. And here’s January’s goal:

Walk the Talk.

The art is courtesy of one of my favorite kids’ authors, Phil Bildner. I can’t take credit for it – but he’s the one who gave me this idea. Basically I’m going to work on practicing what I preach. I’m really good at snarking on people who annoy me. Those little (and sometimes not-so-little) things that people do that really tick me off. Nemeses included. I let it get to me, build up and eventually explode. And you know what? I’m sick of it. Not just sick of those things that people do that get to me, but I’m sick of my reaction. Hence Walk the Talk.

And that means:

  • Making a point NOT to do the pet peeves I gritch about in other people: excessive humble bragging, grammatical errors, publicizing how smart I think I am, etc.
  • Setting an example of my expectations with my kids.
  • If I AM going to complain or call someone else to task about something, I need to make sure my own side of the street is clean first.
  • Working as hard on my thinking as my actions.

The last one is going to be the hardest. I can already tell. Like I’ve said before, I’ve got a strong filter. So not saying negative snarky things is usually pretty easy for me. Until I reach my boiling point, that is. It’s the thinking that I really need to work on. Because, honestly, my head usually defaults to the negative. Sad to say, but it’s true. I remember reading about some kind of therapy a few months ago that involves wearing a rubber band around your wrist and snapping yourself with it if you catch yourself doing whatever it is that you shouldn’t be doing. Pretty good idea, huh?

I have a feeling I’m gonna need a BIG THICK rubber band! We’ll see if I end up with welts on my wrist before the week is out!

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