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I always get homesick this time of year. It has to do with the holidays and Thanksgiving in particular. See, we always go up to Big D to spend Turkey Day with extended fam. And since I grew up there, it’s hard to drive anywhere without getting nostalgic. Granted, some places are unrecognizable, but it’s amazing how many places bring up oodles and oodles of memories. I end up checking out childhood friends on Facebook more often than usual. And my poor kids just don’t get it.

Case in point: We drive by Reunion Tower.
R: ‘Wow, it would be cool to go up on top of that thing!’
Me: ‘Actually I’ve been up there once. There was a restaurant up there and we went for dinner before my prom. I got so sick from the movement that I couldn’t even eat.’
R: ‘Did Daddy eat?’
Me: ‘No, I didn’t know Daddy then. I was with another date.’
R: ‘You mean you danced with someone besides Daddy? Did you take a picture? Let me see your phone.’

Enter The Generation Gap. I give up trying to explain that, yes, I dated other people before I got married and no, we didn’t have digital photos then. Nor do I carry my prom picture around with me to this day. But I did get in a sneaky little comment to my spouse about how great my corsage was. Note to self: Before my guys are old enough to date I’ve GOT to track down that guy’s mom. She had THE BEST taste in flowers. Seriously. I kept those dried up thingys for years!

My spouse has even more stories than I do about his childhood haunts – in a different part of Big D. What else do I miss? Here’s my list:

More Reasons I get homesick for Big D:

1. Braums. They don’t have these in H-Town. If you’ve never had their chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin ice cream you haven’t lived.

2. Having family close by.

3. The Fair. No fall is complete without making yourself sick from eating every kind of deep fried somethingorothers.

4. Six Flags. ‘Nuff said.

5. The DSO and musicals at Fair Park.

6. Being able to visit friends without a huge networking and extensive scheduling plan.

7. Northpark Mall.

8. Shopping at Knox/Henderson.

9. Cowboys and Rangers games. I’m one of the few non-Texan and Astros fans here and get dirty looks because of it.

10. It snows there. Really. At least once a year, and I’m talking more than the three flakes we get down here.

11. Looking at Christmas lights in Highland Park. Nothing like a GNO or driving around with your honey, in the cold, when it’s snowing. Can’t beat it.

12. Del Taco. 7-11. Give me grease and a Slurpee any day. With a Big Gulp.

That’s my list so far, and I’m sticking to it. What makes you long for your hometown? What do you miss?

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