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A Lovely Day

There was a rare happening at Casa Bell over the weekend.

A Day to Myself.

Yes, really. An entire day, all to myself. All of the boys were off to visit family a couple of hours away and I was pretty much told that I needed rest and relaxation. So I stayed home. Well, not really at home…

See, I have this problem. When I get time to myself (rarely) I can’t decide what to do with it. There are too many options. I have a whole list of things that I enjoy doing around town that aren’t always entirely family-friendly. So on the rare occasion that I get time, it’s hard to pick just one or two things to do. And that usually results in me getting frustrated, staying home and putting in a DVD.

Not this time. It was Museum District Day. Aha! A plan! I think I spent most of last week planning my day. Started off by getting a haircut. For those of you who know me, it’s totally not about the actual haircut. It’s about the shampoo. I will gladly pay someone else to wash my hair, massage my head – wash, rinse, repeat – any time, any day. For me, it’s better than a massage. Seriously. And this lady didn’t disappoint.

Next stop – Rothko Chapel. One of those places I’ve always wanted to go but just haven’t. Life always seems to get in the way of places like this. Outside I found a tiny bit of serenity in the midst of inner-loop Houston:

What else could I do? I spent some time meditating, relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous fall weather – and the surprising quiet of Montrose… But I couldn’t linger – I had a purpose. Inside the chapel a percussion recital waited, so I headed in for some music therapy. I have to be honest – I really tried. I did. I’m ashamed to admit this as a musician, but the piece was just not to my taste. Twenty-five minutes of aleatoric chime patterns had me fidgeting and trying to slow my brain down. It didn’t work. But I immersed myself in a new experience and gave it a go.

Next stop was the Lawndale Art Center. The awesome mural I discovered in February has been replaced by some kind of pop art collage. Interesting – it reminds me of 50’s B-films in a way…

Spent some time among the art, enjoying the space and watching some kids create with sidewalk chalk on the pavement outside. Made a quick stop at the Contemporary Craft Center’s garden for some more reflection and then headed home.

I actually took a nap! An uninterrupted nap in a quiet house! Bliss! That gave me some much-needed energy to finish up some mundane errands, including a trip to Randall’s to pick up a few ingredients for dinner. Being alone, that meant trying a new recipe involving many things green. I found this recipe courtesy of Anthology magazine. Since it basically contains five of my favorite things – potatoes, garlic, green beans, cilantro, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I dove in. Less than thirty minutes later, this was the result:



Heaven in a bowl. Honest. And to top off my lovely day, a movie that I’ve been dying to see since I first heard about it last year just happened to be playing on TV.

Really interesting, and surprisingly ‘normal’ for a Cronenberg film. Guess he couldn’t go too crazy since it basically tells a true story. And Michael Fassbender just might give James Bond a run for his money in my book…

A perfect day. And the best part was that by the end of it, I was missing my guys and ready for them to come home!


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