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Insomniac Haiku

It’s been one of those weeks. I’ll save the details for tomorrow’s post (or maybe later today if I get time) but let’s just say that I’ve had my share of stress. Definitely. And after last week’s hallucenogenic dream episodes, the doc decided to change up my meds a bit. Which is a good thing in the long run, but really messes with my sleep in the short term.

Sleep has been a luxury this week.

The other night I finally caved, got up and went to the living room with my journal to write. And looking around the room, I was inspired by what I saw. Here are the midnight results. Prepare to be amazed…

Thirteen dirty socks
strewn around the living room –
Who’s missing their mate?


Two cats sleep – in a
pile of smoky gray softness,
Purring through dreamland.


Inside myself, I
watch life passing by without
anyone seeing.

Can you tell I was getting bummed about the insomnia? Since I still wasn’t getting sleepy, I did the one thing that usually works: turn on the TV. Looked for an infomercial, but they all seemed too interesting. So I resorted to my never-fail: LMN. But darn it, the movie was actually interesting – star crossed lovers and all that… Oh, will they or won’t they?? Continuing my haiku theme:

Unspoken thoughts – that
used to be words. Shall I not
hear you say ‘My love?’

And of course, just as I got into the movie… I fell asleep. I’ll never know what happened to Titus and Meriwether – if they got togehter, died, etc. Sadness.

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