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I Finished It!!

Last night was a milestone. I finally finished A Game of Thrones! Not the series – I refuse to watch that until I’ve read the books – but the book. The first book. It’s been a summer project, and I’ve taken quite a few breaks in the reading just to let my brain have a break. Excellent book!

Why would my brain need a break, then? Well, because of the way the book is written. Each chapter has a character’s name and is told from that person’s point of view. Unique, really, but confusing at first. Since you’re just plunged into a story without any character background it takes a while to get oriented. I think I got about a third of the way through before things started making sense. And I had to get used to the constant cliffhangers at every chapter’s end, since the next chapter picks up with someone else’s story line. It reminded me a bit of Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour. Really, it’s a great writing technique since it keeps you reading just to find out – several chapters later – what happened next to each character.

I have to admit, though, that I didn’t expect the entire book to end with a series of cliffhangers. That was a bit disappointing. However, thanks to the magic of Kindle, I have instant (well, almost instant) access to the next book. But I guarantee that the next book will NOT start with the character who ended the first. That would be too satisfying, and I’m frustrated with that. Not. Happy. And with the cast of ever-growing characters I feel like I need to start summarizing, time-lining or charting each character’s story. Yes, time-lining is a verb. I made it up. So there. Anyhoo, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Taylor might actually be proud that I am considering using one of their techniques in my own personal reading. Something I SWORE I would never do back in my teenage wisdom. Yet another instance where an adult was right. Sigh. And I was so determined to prove them wrong…

Signing off now – I’ve got just enough time before getting the minions off to school and heading to the world of Big Commercial Real Estate to resume the story. Wonder how many heads will roll this morning…?

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