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It’s Time for Me

So I’ve gotta be honest here – I’ve been a basket case lately. Between the oldest minion’s Big Sleepover (and the kid that got sick all over my carpet), the Big Test at work and life in general, I’m fried.

What could I possibly do about it? I’ll tell you. This weekend I’m going on a Me Retreat. That’s right. A Me Retreat. I need to celebrate my test and recharge. After work today I’m heading into town and checking my happy little self into a hotel for the weekend. Actually, there’s some professional development involved just in case I decide to ever go back to Music Teacher Land again, but that’s tomorrow and it’s a folk dancing workshop. So I really can’t call a day of folk dancing work. And I’ve got a pile of books to read, my workout clothes, some pocket change for shopping and a brand new journal.

Time for reflection and relaxation. Just me, myself and I. If that sounds incredibly boring to you – you must not be a mom. Catching up with friends – nope. I’m enough of an introvert that I actually NEED time alone to recharge my batteries in order to be nice around people. If you don’t get that, then you definitely need to read Quiet. And given my brain’s recent trend towards positive negativity, I know I’m in the red. So recharging time for me actually benefits mankind as a whole. Haha. I’m joking, but only halfway. Seriously – the world is a better place if I’m not snarking on everything and everyone I see. So some reflection is in order – I need to figure out where all of this hostility is coming from. Not sure it’s just because I’m tired.

Of course, the minions were extra-clingy this morning before school. They actually got up – of their own free will – just after five AM. Why? ‘We already miss you and want some extra snuggle time, Mommy!’ Ok. Fine. Twist my arm. I’ll stay in bed an extra half hour snuggled up with my little guys. If that’s what they really need. Ah, the things we sacrifice for our kids…

So that’s my plan. A Weekend Alone. Away from the fam. Books, folk dancing, blank journal pages just begging to be filled.

Is it six o’clock yet?? I’m SO ready for this!!

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