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Last weekend was the fall Bayou City Arts Festival. It happens twice a year – fall and spring. The spring one is OK, if a bit small, since it’s held in Memorial Park. Fall is by far my fave – downtown, spread out, and full of wonderful art. Here are some of my finds this time around:

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Gettin’ Ink Done

Let me say upfront that I am in no way against tattoos. Not at all. In fact, I’m a fan of really cool, well-thought-out tasteful ink. I appreciate it as an art form. Getting a tattoo is definitely on my bucket list, and on that note – I’ve got a big birthday coming up this summer and I’m thinking ink might just be the best way to celebrate. This post is not meant to be judgemental in any way – just my observations. So…

Earlier this month I had the privilege experience of spending several days downtown while doing my civic duty. Marcus the bailiff of the Harris County 232nd court – you are WAY more patient than I would ever be with saggy-trousered men who refuse to read your directives and tuck their shirts in. Way. More. Patient. Anyhoo, I had plenty of time to people-watch some of Houston’s finest (all innocent of course) and I need to throw these thoughts out there. Just because. I’m sure my opinions are tainted by my suburban-Carrollton-Texas-upbringing. But I am what I am.

Seen downtown:

  • A young woman with an elegantly-scripted ‘WHORE’ on the back of her neck. Yes, the word. Girls, it may seem funny in college – but just think about your grandchildren. Do you really want to be the one who has to answer that question for them? Really?
  • Another young woman with another elegantly-scripted phrase, this time on her lower back: Sexy ‘A.’ Now, while that may be the truth, fast-forward ten years and a couple of kids. The meaning might change (or confuse some) when the above phrase is affected by gravity and nearer your knees than your backside.
  • Names. On your face. I’m not sure anyone could ever mean so much to me that I would need to permanently put their name on my face. Call me cowardly, but I’d rather carry a photo.
  • Creepy things. Namely, creatures that resemble vampire bats with glowing red eyes.
  • And finally, last but not least, an absolutely gorgeous woman. I’m talking model-gorgeous. Flawless ivory skin, shiny black hair, blue eyes – literally Snow White with a perfect figure. Until she raised her right hand to reveal a completely sleeved (in full color) right arm. Kind of disrupted the fairy tale picture.

I could go on and on with even juicier sightings but I won’t. That would ruin your own trip downtown. This way you now have something to concentrate on during jury duty if when the case at hand is less than riveting. Like I said – my intent here is not to judge. My suburban-girl brain was just somewhat blown away by the above examples. So now you, too, can enjoy a little-known benefit of doing your civic duty. Enjoy!

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