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You’re so busted!

I must admit, being a mom does have its perks. Apart from the obvious, I mean. Especially having two boys. How else can an adult justify Saturday morning cartoons? Well, when the little guys invite me to sit down with my coffee, snuggle with them and hang out – it’s hard to refuse. Over the years I have endured countless hours of the Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and (while gritting my teeth) Handy Manny ad infinitum. But now that they’re older, my guys’ interests have evolved into everything Star Wars and superheroes. I can freely indulge my secret hankering for science fiction and Spider Man, among others.

One of the boys’ first ‘big kid’ discoveries was Ben 10. As cool of a show as it is (in all its incarnations) for sheer superhero value, it was really awesome to find out that a friend of mine from UNT, Kristopher Carter, composes the music! Way cool! I remember doing some studio work for his early demo reels during undergrad days. Anyway – check it out if you haven’t seen it – even my loving spouse can appreciate Keven Levin’s tricked-out ride…

A recent discovery (by the boys of course) is Phineas and Ferb. At first I thought it was annoying. Just annoying. But there’s something for adults in every episode. References that true children of the 80’s will get. Sure, your kids will love the characters and their older sister who makes it her mission to bust them with the parents every chance she gets. But – trust me on this one – only you grownups will get the James Bond nods, Grease-esque music videos that permeate every episode, knocks on the Girl Scouts and song references. Where else would you catch song lyrics like ‘there’s a party in my pants’ without ever quoting a word? Way cool stuff. So yes, whenever my guys invite me for cartoon couch time I dive right in. Every time.

So whether you’re diving downtown or stuck in the suburbs like me, I challenge you to indulge your inner child. Check out the ‘toons. I don’t care how many things you have to do on a Saturday AM. You have a thousand things to do. I get it. But take some time, check them out, let out the kid in you and enjoy. There’s no shame! And you just might find yourself enjoying a good laugh – not to mention upping your coolness factor with the kiddoes. Trust me – it’s awesome!

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