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Yes, I made up a word. What? Don’t tell me you never did that. At least I didn’t do it to try and sound smart or pretentious. I just did it to get your attention. And if you’re still reading, it worked.

I had to post some pics to prove that the decorating process is in the works at mi casa. Now, I’m not one of those people, mind you. My Elf on the Shelf does not engage in marshmallow fights, leave cookies for the kids to decorate, or hang underwear on the ceiling fan. No way. He’s a bit of an underachiever and forgets to move some nights. Oh well. We have an elf, he serves his purpose, and we’re happy about it. Not all elves can be Type-A-Overachievers. He blooms where he’s been planted. And in case you don’t remember, I’m Anti-Pin, so he just does normal things (like move around the house).

So here are my seasonal contributions. The tree will come later – it’s still in progress.

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I must be on a roll – this is my second post today. Hopefully I’ll keep it short, since it’s been a long day and I’m tired. But I have to get this off my chest. It’s been bugging me for a really long time.

I am Anti-Pinterest and Proud.

There. I said it. Me, the one with conformist tendencies. I am rebelling. I refuse to get involved.

When I first heard about it, I was intrigued. Lots of crafty ideas in one handy place. Coolness! And then it hit my workplace worse than the parachute pants fad of 1984. Worse than Silly Bands. I mean it.

Where’s the creativity in pretty much just copying something that someone else has done? There isn’t any. It really hit home at Christmastime, when I saw at least twenty Elves on the Shelf doing exactly the same cutesy little things every day on Facebook. Mommies proudly tagged Pinterest as their source.

Our elf is boring. He moves from the fireplace to the fridge to the hallway and back. He’s a creature of habit. Period.

I felt guilty and substandard in my parenting and decorating skills for about five minutes. And then, with all of November’s greatness (insert much sarcasm here) I got over it. Where’s the great skill in simply copying others? Nope. I’ve always been a nonconformist with my decorating ideas, and I’m proud of that. Matching? Not in my house. In fact, my house is the one place where I have deliberately done the opposite of what the decorators say, just because it’s my house, darn it!

I don’t need some cutesy, handmade calendar to tell me who goes where on what time and day. We have our own color-coded system on a white board that has worked just fine for ten years. I have an eggplant-colored dining room with a red rug. It looks great and it was our own idea. Design and craftiness should come from internal inspiration, not someone else’s pin board.

I’ll step down from my soapbox now. I’m looking at new colors for the walls – from actual paint chips, thank you very much. And I’ll probably -gasp- pick two from completely unrelated swatches and color families. Just because I can.


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