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Small World

Unrelated to this morning’s earlier post, which is why I’m sticking it in here as an aside. I’VE BEEN READING!! A couple of interesting things. Most of my free time (ha!) during the work day has been taken up by Outliers. It’s a bit depressing so far, seeing as how it basically debunks the good ol’ American work ethic of ‘hard work equals success.’ But interesting to look at actual statistics too, and the chapters on geniuses actually make sense. As a teacher I can totally see where the author is coming from.

And on a funny note – not the subject matter of the book, but the connection. Last night I started a memoir called The Liars Club. As I read about the people of Leechfield, TX I noticed some familiar twangs in their mannerisms and way of speaking. So I did what the nerd in me always does – I Googled the town. Imagine my surprise when I learned that ‘Leechfield’ is the fictional name given by the author to her hometown. Which happens to be the exact same hometown of some of my extended family-in-law. Huh. Wonder if I’ll recognize anybody?? Heheh…

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