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So, last night the spouse and I had a gift-wrapping fest for the kiddoes. Got everything wrapped and tagged, and the Santa stuff is safely hidden back in his trunk. Away from snooping eyes. During the wrap-fest we got caught up on the latest episode of Fringe, one of our favorite shows.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s kind of a paranormal sci-fi thing. Right now there are these creepy-looking bald guys called Observers in the plot line. They’ve got this handy brain implant thing that allows them to not only pop through time and space, but also see all possible chains of events stemming from every choice made by an individual. And they look like this:


Creepy, huh? But I wish I had one of those brain things sometimes. Not the baldness and creep factor that goes with it, of course. But really – that ability would be so handy. It goes back to my obsession with the movie Sliding Doors. Think about it. You could instantly answer all of those ‘what if’ questions that go through your mind every day. For example, what if:

I had gone to LA when my composer friend asked me to come and do studio work with him after college?
I decide to wear the black flats instead of the really uncomfortable heels?
This job interview goes really well?
My friend goes on the blind date I’m thinking of setting her up with?
I actually saywhat’s on my mind at any given time instead of using the filter?
(insert chosen person’s name here) were to get run over by a bus today? OK, granted, that one is a joke and I’m not really serious – but sometimes you honestly wonder.
I had made XX different choice – where would I be now? Again, this is a ‘grass is greener’ question. And I always have to remind myself that the grass is greener because there’s more poop over there. But still, it would be nice to know for sure, right?
I could see people’s reactions to my blog and/or emails, and know why they weren’t emailing back or COMMENTING ON MY BLOG?? Seriously. It would be nice to get a comment now and then.
The article I wrote yesterday in a fit of inspiration as aWriter actually got published?

You can totally see how useful this brain implant would be, right? Now I’m sure it would create a whole other set of issues – but sometimes wouldn’t it be nicer to just know??


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