Whole 30 – Day 1

So, I gave in. Most of my office is totally into the paleo-Whole 30 thing. Since I’ve known for quite a while that my diet includes WAYY too many carbs ( and by that I mean that’s unfortunately most of what I eat), I decided to give it a go. Disclaimer – I’m doing a MODIFIED version of the Whole 30, because there’s no way I could go 30 days without coffee. Just. No. Way. It’s an essential nutrient. And, let’s face it, technically coffee comes from a seed, right? Which makes it a plant. So it should be ok.

How am I doing so far? Not great.

Let’s see… Breakfast was scrambled eggs. Without butter, which – to me – is part of the point of scrambled eggs. They’re supposed to taste buttery, dangit! But at least I got some protein.

7:30 AM – Got to work for early training just as the headache set in. One of those nasty headaches that burns and feels like you’ve been punched in the face. Hoping it’s just a mental reaction to skipping my usual gluten-filled toast breakfast.

8:15 AM – Nope. No luck. Headache is still growing and I’ve finished my one cup of coffee that I’m allowing myself. Switching to green tea. Oh, and early training was cancelled.

9:00 AM – Now I’m getting grouchy. Not just irritable. Downright hostile. And wouldn’t ya know – someone put out fresh pumpkin bagels in the kitchen. And leftover Halloween candy. Really? Seriously? They had to do it today? Unfortunately, yes.

10:00 AM – The bagels are calling my name. Loudly. Begging me to put them into the toaster oven and top them with butter. Yes, in case you were wondering, bagels really can beg. They’re good at it.

11:25 AM – Caving. Have to eat something. Grudgingly heat up the oh-so-tempting bag o’ brussels sprouts that I brought for lunch. Honestly they weren’t bad salted and peppered – until one of the office guys came in and told me exactly what he thinks brussels sprouts smell like. Lunch in garbage.

So right now I’m lightheaded and hungry but still kind of determined to stick it out. Any of you peeps out there who have done this Whole 30 thing – does it get any better? Is it really worth it?? Cause right now I just want to go and put all of those pumpkin bagels out of their misery!

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