We’re Goin’ to the Fair, Y’all!!

One day and counting. One. Day.

One day till the Spouse, the minions and I are on our way to Big D. I’m so excited I was up at 2 AM this morning. Like a little kid on Christmas morning. Only we’re not leaving until tomorrow. Early tomorrow.

What are we gonna do in Big D?? Hang out with my bro and sis, visit the in-laws so that my dad-in-law can torture spend quality time with his grandsons. Of course, he doesn’t really torture them. They just think so. See, the tradition is that as soon as we walk in the door he comes running, claiming that he’s ‘gonna kick their butts.’ And he tries. But now that they’re bigger, the minions try to kick his butt back. Yes, we’re Texan. And the dad-in-law is REALLY Texan – born and raised in West Texas Cow Country. So butt-kicking is a sign of love between them. I just sit back, make popcorn and enjoy the show, because it’s honestly hard to tell the adult from the kids during this ritual.

And I love it.

So what else is on the list? Dinner with the fam – hopefully at Mi Cocina, which we don’t have in H-town. Hanging out. Watching movies. Listening to the Spouse and his dad debate sports and movies. Again, mom-in-law and I make popcorn and watch – since father and son are equally opinionated. Good times!

But the biggie this weekend??


There’s only one state fair in my opinion. The Texas one. H-town tries its best to copy with the Houston Rodeo, but it’s lame in comparison. Growing up in Big D, every kid I knew – me included – went to the fair every year. All through college too. Heck, I didn’t even know about Columbus Day until middle school – because in Big D the school holiday is called Fair Day and every kid gets a free ticket.

Anyhoo, I’m totally stoked. The last time I went to the fair was when I was pregnant with V and R was about one. We had a good time, but maneuvering the fairgrounds with a big honkin’ stroller just isn’t quite the same. So this year we’re going all out. And the bro, sis, in-laws, and step-sis decided it’d be fun to make a big group thing of it all. SCORE!

Here’s my State Fair Top Ten To-Do List:

1) The car show. Specifically, watching the dad-in-law put the minions into sports cars and try to take pics of them with the car girls.

2) Showing the minions the Cotton Bowl. It’s a Dallas icon. You know it is.

3) The Embarcadero building. Just because ‘Embarcadero’ is such a cool word.

4) The food building – because you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a live Ginsu knife demonstration.

5) Taking bets on which of the minions will get more creeped out by Big Tex’s new look. Seriously, what’s with the eyes?? Reminds me of that creepy clown doll from Poltergeist.

6) The trains and fall garden exhibit – and it’s supposed to actually FEEL like fall this weekend! Woohoo!

7) Watching step-sis and Oldest Minion try to pressure coax dad-in-law onto some of the rides. As Texan as he is, he doesn’t do rides. There’s a family legend about the time he tried to impress his college girlfriend by getting on some huge roller coaster with her. It didn’t go so well for him.

8) The animals – and watching my citified minions try to tiptoe around all of the cow poop.

9) The concerts and shows.

10) And, my personal favorite – THE FOOD!!! This year, forget about the Fletcher’s corny dog, the footlong chili dog, the funnel cake and the belgian waffles. I’m going for the fried Oreos and the FRIED THANKSGIVING DINNER!!

Can you tell I’m just a leetle bit ready to roll??


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