Two-Fer Tuesday

So here I am, on a Tuesday. For once the weatherman was actually right, and it feels like fall today. Which means that I’d better get my happy little self outside and enjoy it while it lasts – which usually amounts to a couple of hours. That’s fall in H-town. The minions decided to wear pants to school today because it was ‘freezing’ this morning. Lightweights! To them ‘freezing’ is 65 degrees. Anyhoo, being the good mom I am, I tried to discourage the pants in favor of long sleeves and shorts.

Why, you ask?

Simple. It’s fall in Houston. I’m NOT buying these kids new pants until November. See, October means that we MIGHT have a few cool mornings like this one, but afternoons can easily range from 75 degrees to 95. And then they would complain about roasting. And both minions have been eating me out of house and home. Which means one thing: growth spurts. I’ve learned this the hard way. If I buy new pants for them now, by November – when they actually might NEED them – they will have each grown about ten inches and said pants will be too short. Which could work if they were girls. But capris on boys?

Not quite the same.

So they can ‘suffer’ the 70-degree morning temps for a few more weeks. Tough love.

Besides the weather, there are a couple other things that have me jazzed today:

One – The Big Mama Blog. I found her online last week and I’ve gotta tell you – this is a chick I can relate to. Soccermom, kids, Texan, my age bracket, and an Aggie to boot! And she shops at Anthropologie. And posts yummy recipes like Chocolate Icebox Pie. She’s someone who totally gets me. We should have coffee sometime. Check her out. Especially today’s post, where she talks about homework woes and the Latest Greatest Kid Fad – The Rainbow Loom. I can sympathize. The minions jumped on the rainbow loom bandwagon Sunday.

Two – my friend Mel’s recipe. I haven’t made it yet, but I’ve been drooling over the recipe and the picture. Yep – I’m one of those sick souls that reads cookbooks when I’m hungry. Or bored. Or just feel like it. No wonder I only lasted six hours on the cabbage soup diet… But really – you have GOT to check this out. Are you ready?

Cinnamon-sugar bread pudding. Made with donuts.


The recipe says it makes 16 servings, but who are they kidding? I have a feeling this will be like the time my mom and I made my Grandma’s chocolate pudding. The stuff never had a chance to chill – we ate the whole batch out of the pan while it was still on the stove.

Anyhoo, those two things – plus the cooler temps – just made my Tuesday. How ’bout you?

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