It’s Here! In the ‘Burbs, No Less!


Sprouts has come to Houston! Finally!

This little gem of a farmers market – whole foods store has been a fave of mine for years. Every time we visit Big D, a stop at Sprouts is a must. And for years I’ve lamented the Sprouts-less-ness of Houston.

No more, folks! The first suburban mart opened last weekend – about as far west as you can go – in Katy. More specifically, in the shops of La Centerra. Too bad. Whenever I shop at Sprouts I’ll have to walk past all of the other cool shops, boutiques and restaurants in this little haven of free market capitalism.

Now, it’s not that I’m against Whole Foods. Not at all. But the only one in Houston is too far into town for the fam and I to visit regularly. Worse, it’s too far from work for me to get there and back during lunch. Bummer.

Plus, Sprouts has this amazingly to-die-for mango salsa. You can’t leave Sprouts without at least two jars. Nope. Not possible. Add in the huge bulk section where – get this – employees actually encourage you to ask for samples, the organic produce – stored at room temp, of course – and the enormous coffee bar, and it’s a win. Need organic wine? Gluten free beer? No problem. And for those of you stuck up on the north side, don’t fret. Another Sprouts is opening on Spring-Cypress next weekend. Check it out!


Hmmm… Mango salsa with whole grain chips. Sounds good for lunch. I know what the minions and I will be doing Saturday morning!

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