Ah, Spring… In Houston…

Ok, enough already. It’s bad enough that the last few weeks have been a cycle of extremes as far as the H-town weather is concerned. 80 degrees one day, 50 the next, rain, etc. Completely unnecessary. But now? It’s officially spring in Houston. And that means two things climate-wise:

100 percent humidity and high wind

Call me shallow, but those two things translate to ONE colossal disaster for me.

My hair.

I’ve blogged before about my Hair Intervention. And it’s time for another, more serious CTJ meeting with the disaster known as my hair. That, or I’m gonna spend the next two months with a frizzy ponytail or wearing a hat. snug-fitting knitted hat – because any other kind would pop off my head with disgust after futilely attempting to stay atop my head. Seriously.

Springtime in Houston means that it doesn’t matter how much time, energy or product I spend or put on my hair. Fifteen minutes outside and it looks like this:


No, that’s not me. But the hair definitely looks like my head in H-town Spring. And that’s on a GOOD day.

Too bad I’m not Pepper Potts. I’d take a smidgeon of her Louboutin budget and get one of those fancy keratin treatments. I had one once. It was heaven. The only thing that even made a dent in H-town hair. But sadly that’s out of my budget, even with the AmazonLocal deal that popped up in my email yesterday.

Please, can someone transport me, the fam, the house and my life to Big D? Stat?

Or maybe a head transplant would be a less drastic option…

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