Houston Revival


I was determined this weekend. Determined that our fam would get a dose of citydom rarely found out in the ‘burbs. So I planned an excursion to the Heights and basically told the Spouse that we were all going. He jumped on board right away – the minions, not so much. The idea of interrupting Saturday morning Minecraft time was less than appealing. But I insisted, and after a good deal of whining and complaining, we all piled into the car and headed into H-town.

Our destination? A little gem called the Revival Market, located in the Houston Heights. You may have heard of it even if you’re not from here – the neighborhood has been featured on House Hunters more than once. Pretty cool, huh?

I love the Heights. It’s an oasis in the middle of a busy city. A chunk of Victorian small-town just minutes away from the highway, punctuated with enough funky boho shops to get any artist’s creative juices flowing. Broad tree-lined streets, walking trails, parks aplenty – you name it, the Heights has it. Why don’t we live here? I ask myself that every time I visit. And the simple answer is – the minions. Even with all of the neighborhood charm and gems-of-shops, public schools in the area are hit-or-miss. And the Spouse is pretty adamant about the boys having plenty of outdoor yard space to mess around in. Which you definitely won’t find in the Heights, unless you visit one of the parks. Frankly I don’t trust the minions’ ability to get from Point A to Point B in that environment. So it’s the ‘burbs for us.

Anyhoo, back to Saturday’s adventure. If you haven’t checked out the Revival Market – it’s a must. Do it. Now. This place is an amazing little charcuterie/butcher/bakery/produce/café/coffee shop. All in one tiny footprint that reminds me of French market stalls.

And the coolest part? Everything is locally-grown, farmed or produced!!

Yep, you read that right. And in case you’re wondering as you’re shopping, a handy chalkboard on the back wall shows exactly where the week’s marketables originated. Pretty cool, huh? I thought so.

We checked out the merchandise, at which point the minions started to get crabby. It wasn’t quite time for lunch, so we decided to save the café for another visit. But the bakery… Hmmm… I’d noticed their little eyes wandering over in that general direction. We decided to wander over and take a gander.


Oh. My. The Bakery. Wow. Most of the goods are handmade by FluffBake Bar, owned and operated by Rebecca Masson. Yes, the same on who has been on Top Chef Just Desserts. And I got to have a Six Degrees-type moment when I realized that she is the same Becky Masson who was in my fourth grade class back in north Dallas. Small world, huh?

Back to the goods. The minions pondered and pondered the options. Little minion actually got teary-eyed at one point because he couldn’t decide what he wanted. Poor guy thought this was the ONLY time we would visit. Haha. Silly kid. Now that I can use the bakery as leverage, I forsee LOTS of visits here in the future.

We finally decided, and left with our box o’ goodness. Stopped at the nearby park benches to enjoy our treats. (Yes, there was a water fountain there and yes, the water fountain had a doggy-height spout as well. Pampered H-town pups.) After about five minutes we were down to leftover crumbs. The snickerdoodle, coconut macaroon, homemade Moon Pie and cake-cup were history.

What’s a cake-cup? Like a cupcake but better. Think a slice of three layer cake – complete with from-scratch icing, sprinkles and other crunchy bits – in a cup. Yum.

So our visit to the Heights was a screaming success. Minions want to go back, I’m dying to try the café for lunch – and maybe wrestle in some shopping, and the Spouse is now fully prepared for Heights-style minimalist parking. It was a WIN!

And if you’re ever in H-town – you have GOT to check out Revival Market and FluffBake Bar. It’s a must.

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