Just Keepin’ it Real

Gwyneth Hair


There are definite advantages to living in a house full of boys. Namely, movie choices. I have to admit that I enjoy a good chick flick as much as the next girl – and I have my faves that I’ll watch (and rewatch ad infinitum) when I’m alone in the house. Cutting Edge, anyone? The Turning Point? The Devil Wears Prada? Laws of Attraction? Count me in, every time.

But when it’s family movie time, I get the benefit of lots of testosterone. Case in point – my last two Mother’s Day dates with my guys have been to see Thor and The Avengers. How awesome is that? They’re already counting down to this year’s excursion to see Iron Man 3. I don’t complain. Darn, I have to look at musclebound superheroes. Poor me.

Last weekend the boys’ flick of choice was Iron Man 2. Of course. Gotta get ready for the sequel, right? Again, I didn’t mind at all. Tony Stark? Yes, please. Gwyneth? One of my all-time faves.

But in the middle of the movie I noticed something. Given my recent stressing and stewing, it hit a nerve. Know what it was?

Wait for it…

Pepper Potts wears Louboutins!!!

She does. She really does. At least, in one scene. So that means that Pepper theoretically owns at least one pair of them. Probably more.

WTHeck??!! Isn’t she basically Tony Stark’s ‘personal assistant?’ Or, given Tony’s personality – more like a glorified babysitter? He must pay her one heckuva salary if she can afford those stinkin’ shoes! A cheap pair of Louboutins probably rivals my house payment…

My point: I would GLADLY babysit Tony Stark – or any other egotistical mega-million-dollar genius – for a salary like that. I’m not too proud to admit it. I’d be happy to temporarily put aside Lean In philosophy. Seriously.

No, I’m not crazy. Just keepin’ it real.

Pepper’s got it pretty darn good.

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