I know, I know – first post for the week. It’s been a rough one. After feeling like Death Warmed Over (my mom’s expression) since the weekend, I finally caved yesterday and stayed home. Sick as a dog. Slept until noon, actually, which is completely unheard-of for me. So the fam knew I was pretty darn sick.

Aside from that, I’ve been stressing and spinning my wheels about some day-to-day stuff lately. And praying a lot about it, too. And getting frustrated because answers to my prayers weren’t just magically falling at my feet.

Guess what? Tuesday night, out of nowhere, this sentence popped into my mind: Stay the course. And this morning, on  my way back to work, this one: Bloom where you’re planted.

Wow. Both of them were so clear, not just random thoughts. An actual voice spoke them into my ear. And I can’t get those two sentences out of my mind.

So you know what? I’m gonna listen. Not question. Follow directions. And keep the faith.

Thanks, God.

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