Gratitude, Schmatitude


It’s Friday! In celebration – and to detox after the last couple of crazy days – I thought I’d publish my Weekly Gratitude List today. Here are – in no particular order – the top ten things I’m grateful for this week:

  1. It’s Friday! That means movie night at home with the minions – with popcorn!
  2. I get to volunteer (and shop) at the Bayou City Arts Festival tomorrow. H-town peeps, come on out to Memorial Park!
  3. The book I’m reading at the moment, which is giving me some much-needed reality checks
  4. Neither of the minions have had nightmares this week, meaning I’ve actually gotten sleep.
  5. Hydration really does give you more energy.
  6. The Spouse’s flexible job – which meant that he was able to help me with Wednesday’s car debacle.
  7. I have BOYS!! The Spouse is preparing for a major man-to-man with Minion #1. The Big Talk. He’s handling it – not me!
  8. Spring-ish weather
  9. Date Night tomorrow with the Spouse
  10. The Gerbera daisies on my screen background

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