A Case of the Blahs

boredBlah. Even the word is – blah. Know what I mean? And, as my mom would say, I’ve got a serious case of the blahs today. In other words, I’m in a funk. In a rut. Spinning my wheels. Unsettled. Even – dare I say it – bored. (Here’s where Mom would chime in that ‘only boring people get bored,’ but I’ve got no defense at the moment.)

And the stupid part? It’s a beautiful spring day here in H-town. It’s Friday. I’ve had a short week thanks to our family trek up to Big D. So I’ve really got no reason at all to be stuck in the blahs.

So that got me thinking this morning. What exactly has me in full-on blah mode? That’s one of the problems with the blahs – they make your brain fuzzy and it’s hard to focus on the root of the problem. But I’m trying. Really hard. Extra coffee helps.

What have I come up with? Not much yet. A general sense of being stressed out. Lots of things that I would like/need to do, and inability to do them at the moment. Limited time in the evenings to work on said things. Even though I make my wonderful Type-A to-do lists, I’ve been too stinkin’ tired to get much of anything done when I get home. Plus the minions have been extra-needy, so any time I might have had before collapsing has been taken up with the Momness.

Makes me really frustrated. Add to that some situations that have me feeling like a leaf floating on a stagnant pond – blindly eddying in circles, meandering, directionless. Granted, I’m NOT powerless to make a change, but change requires effort, effort requires time, and time is something I don’t have much of during the day.

Ok, ok – I’ll be honest. That’s part of the problem right there. I actually DO have time – plenty of it – during the day. Thanks to a very slow week in the world of Big Commercial Real Estate. Even my boss from my fast food days – ‘If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean,’ – would be hard-pressed to come up with things to do around here. Trouble is, I can’t really do what I need to do at the office. Too many eyes, you know?

So I end up stewing in my own juices. Playing an endless loop of my to-do list in my head. All day. Thinking of all the things I need to get done in order to move forward. And having to sit and stew with no way of acting on any of it!!  See my frustration? Trying to cram a little work on my own stuff into my lunch break stresses me out even more because then I feel rushed. So my brain and body turn on their defense mechanism, which happens to be going into full-on blah mode. Guess it’s easier to be numb and blah than stressed out and frustrated. But the trouble is, nothing STILL gets done.

Hmph. What do you do when you get the blahs? Any tips, tricks or handy advice? My ears are open – and so is my brain. Bring it!


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2 responses to “A Case of the Blahs

  1. I like to get out for a few hours by myself for some me time. It helps get back some perspective. I think what’s worst about the blahs is when they result from situations that seem to have no end. Those are hard for me. I try to focus on the reasons I have to be happy, compared to people around me with bigger problems. That tends to just result in feeling guilty for having my blahs!

  2. Karen

    Your blahness might be the lack of carbs! ha ha God has a way of making us accept His timing – especially in things that would appear that we could control all the “if onlys….” I just try and keep moving and find everyday things to be thankful for. Friends that write, being one 🙂

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