Home Again!

So, I took a two-day hiatus from blogging due to the travel factor. And I must admit, it’s a bit harder getting back into the routine than I thought it would be. But here we are, back in town, and at least one of us is back to the grind.

That one would be me.

As far as the trip rules, most of them were par for the course, with one or two interesting exceptions.

  1. We were actually only 13 minutes late leaving my office, as the Spouse made sure to remind me. Not 15 minutes. So in that respect we left early.
  2. The inevitable smackdown was not between the minions – surprisingly enough. Instead, thanks to construction and traffic into Big D, I was the guilty party. Apparently five and a half hours in the car after a full workday pushes me past the ‘happy-fun-wife-mom’ threshold. Guilty as charged. I snapped – and unloaded – all over the Spouse for ‘not checking with the fam about construction issues prior to departure.’ Not my most stellar moment.
  3. This one was a shocker. Really. No one had to pee in the middle of nowhere!! Yippee! That’s a family road trip first. Seriously. The first in ten years.

So what did we do once we got settled into our digs with the bro-in-law? Well, I got to have a lovely girly lunch with a dear friend or two on Saturday. Kid-free lunch and girl time?? Score! But I admit – I was more homesick for Big D after that. I really wish I could see my Dallasite friends and fam more than a couple of times a year…

The Spouse was nice enough to take the minions over to Gattitown while I lunched with the ladies. Thanks to him, both minions filled up on pizza, sugary drinks and enough video games to keep them fueled for an afternoon at the mall. And yes, I got some shopping time too. Dinner with the extended fam at our fave in-town spot Saturday night, and we called it a day.

Sunday was Little Minion’s birthday. After lunch at a place of his choosing, the Spouse and minions headed to visit a friend and his minions for a play date. I was the lucky one who got to start and finish birthday shopping for Little Guy. Normally he’s pretty decisive – but not this time. Absolutely no ideas for gifts. None. Zero. So I was on my own at a suburban Target. Not a bad place to be, and sometimes one of my happy places – but midafternoon on a Sunday? Yikes. Cookout with the fam, birthday cupcakes, candle blowing and presents. Called it another day.

Monday – the Perot Museum. Wow. It’s a good thing I had gotten our tickets online a week prior, because that sucker was sold out for the entire day. Really. And apparently that’s been par for the course ever since that puppy opened its doors in December. Wow. I’m sure it’s an amazing place. Honestly I am. But the huge crowds of people made me feel like a claustrophobic deer in headlights during most of our visit. And that was a wee problem since most of the exhibits are hands-on. Great for the kiddoes, but not so great having to wait in line (and corral) said kiddoes for every little thing. Like I said, I can tell it’s amazing, but I feel like we missed out on a lot simply because of the crowds. And the minions definitely lost interest after all of the waiting. Kind of like a day at Six Flags where you wait hours in line for all of the rides – but without the adrenaline rush of nausea of the actual ride. A bit of a bummer.

We needed sugaring up, so we hit my ol’ hometown for some vintage candy. Blooms on the Square was just the ticket! Need pickle-flavored gum or bacon mints? It’s your one-stop-shop. I think the minions went into a sugar coma just walking through the door. And with all of the quirky soda options, I can say I’m the proud owner of a genuine Leninade bottle! Score!

Bottom line – if today’s writing isn’t the most inspired, I totally get it. I’ve got lots of ideas about stuff I’d LOVE to be doing right now. But I can’t. At least, not until this evening. Hey, at least it will still be light out during my evening commute, right? That’s the ONLY good thing about the time change. Seriously. I’d forgotten how much I hate Daylight Savings Time until my alarm went off at five this morning and I did the mental calculation of the real time.

That sucked.

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