Blogging Your Way – And Overwhelmed


So I spent some time last night and this morning getting caught up on my Blog Boss class with Blogging Your Way. Still feeling behind, and a bit frustrated that I don’t have unlimited time to peruse the forums, think deep thoughts and write profound posts that will revolutionize my blogging experience. I mean, I was looking at the class roster, which oh-so-conveniently shows the number of forum posts each person has contributed. My grand total so far? Two. That’s right, two. Some other chick? 30. 30!!! Honestly, the class has only been officially open just over a day!

So of course my brain defaults to the Type-A-ness of classifying my experience immediately as either failure or success. Guess which category my brain is trying to put me in already? You’re probably right. The glass is half empty.

And I’m feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelmed and under-qualified. Does that make sense? There are professional bloggers in this class, and here I am just trying to break into the scene as a writer. So that I can become a Writer one day. Yes, there’s a difference. I’ve mentioned it before – think about it.

So here’s my question – how do I take these feelings of inadequacy and channel them into a sense of purposeful, determined direction? What do you do? What advice would you give me, the beginning blogger and aspiring Writer?


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2 responses to “Blogging Your Way – And Overwhelmed

  1. Shannon Ballard

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you are taking this class to hone your skills, not to be in competition with your classmates.

    Who do you want to be: the “Harlequin” writer who churns out 2 books a month or the author who has people waiting on pins and needles for their next masterpiece?

  2. Hi there,
    I very much enjoy your writing, I think you have talent to make people laugh and re-think in a more than on-the-surface way. I miss pictures on your blog though that set the mood for the reader to stay put, to relax and take the time to actually read thru your words. Good luck anyway and enjoy H-Town, I do love it!

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