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I know, I know – first post for the week. It’s been a rough one. After feeling like Death Warmed Over (my mom’s expression) since the weekend, I finally caved yesterday and stayed home. Sick as a dog. Slept until noon, actually, which is completely unheard-of for me. So the fam knew I was pretty darn sick.

Aside from that, I’ve been stressing and spinning my wheels about some day-to-day stuff lately. And praying a lot about it, too. And getting frustrated because answers to my prayers weren’t just magically falling at my feet.

Guess what? Tuesday night, out of nowhere, this sentence popped into my mind: Stay the course. And this morning, on  my way back to work, this one: Bloom where you’re planted.

Wow. Both of them were so clear, not just random thoughts. An actual voice spoke them into my ear. And I can’t get those two sentences out of my mind.

So you know what? I’m gonna listen. Not question. Follow directions. And keep the faith.

Thanks, God.

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Gratitude, Schmatitude


It’s Friday! In celebration – and to detox after the last couple of crazy days – I thought I’d publish my Weekly Gratitude List today. Here are – in no particular order – the top ten things I’m grateful for this week:

  1. It’s Friday! That means movie night at home with the minions – with popcorn!
  2. I get to volunteer (and shop) at the Bayou City Arts Festival tomorrow. H-town peeps, come on out to Memorial Park!
  3. The book I’m reading at the moment, which is giving me some much-needed reality checks
  4. Neither of the minions have had nightmares this week, meaning I’ve actually gotten sleep.
  5. Hydration really does give you more energy.
  6. The Spouse’s flexible job – which meant that he was able to help me with Wednesday’s car debacle.
  7. I have BOYS!! The Spouse is preparing for a major man-to-man with Minion #1. The Big Talk. He’s handling it – not me!
  8. Spring-ish weather
  9. Date Night tomorrow with the Spouse
  10. The Gerbera daisies on my screen background

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Strange Couple of Days


This is – and has always been – my favorite Far Side cartoon. Why? Because it’s funny and it’s totally something that I do on a regular basis. Love it.

Anyway, it totally describes my last two days. No blog postings. No time to write. Sorry folks – back tomorrow unless some really wild and weird stuff goes down…

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I’m Fitspired!!


I’m inspired today. By what, you ask?

I’m inspired by two things – a friend’s blog and a reality check.

First off, my friend’s blog. She’s smart, witty, realistic, a working mom and apparently married to a personal-trainer-bodybuilder-like dude. He’s recently become her personal trainer. Somehow I’m thinking that translates to a heckuva lot of tough love, and it definitely wouldn’t work for me and the Spouse, but good for her. She’s keeping it real, sharing her challenges (gaining weight but losing inches), new ventures (Zumba!) and funnies from the weight room (musclebound guys who take themselves way too seriously are always funny.)

You can check her out here: Deadlifts for a Dingbat.

Anyhoo, like I said – she’s inspired me. Because if she can keep it real, so can I. Fitness is a journey, right? And it’s supposed to be about the journey, not the destination. She’s been brutally honest about her fitness journey. And I’m motivated, because she’s starting to see results and have more energy. I want that to be me. As a former gym rat/fitness nut, I’ve gotta be real here.

I’ve let myself go in the fitness department. Badly. And healthy eating? Ha. About the only ‘healthy eating’ tip I’ve followed lately is portion control. As in, ‘I’ll only eat a medium-small portion of these greasy, salty tortilla chips with queso.’ Which sounds like (heck, let’s be real – it IS) a cop-out to my rusty gym rat brain.

Now, I don’t mean that I’ve let myself go in that I’ve gained lots of weight. I haven’t. Well, not much anyway. I could probably stand to gain a few pounds, truth be told. But any smidgeon of muscle tone is pretty much gone. If I were a celebrity, the paparazzi would have me on the front of the Enquirer with my eyes blacked out and ‘skinny fat’ plastered across some part of my body. Guaranteed.

For years I didn’t really have to worry about that. When the minions were little, I had some pretty rockin’ Mama arms – toned, defined, strong, stringy even. Just from wrestling their little behinds into diapers, strollers, car seats, etc.  I kept up my leg muscles with running, stairmaster and countless hours on the elliptical.

Guess what? The minions got bigger. Nowadays the heaviest thing I tote around is my purse.

Which brings me to my second source of inspiration – the reality check. I got the new issue of InStyle the other day and it had the inevitable ‘Best Bikini Body Ever Tips’ feature on the cover. WTHeck? It’s that time already? Yikes. That got my attention, because I’ve been hiding underneath layers, baggy pajamas and thick sweaters for the last couple of months.

So I took a good hard look at the evidence this morning. And there they were: The Problem Areas.

You know what I mean, ladies. We all have them. They may be different for all of us, but let’s get real. EVERY woman has a list – however small – of Trouble Spots that we would gladly nip, tuck, laser, shrink or (rarely) expand with a magic wand if we could. I saw mine loud and clear this morning. In full daylight.

And right now they ain’t pretty.

Side note – I found myself suddenly thinking about a college friend of mine. She was (and is) absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. But I remember her lamenting her Problem Area. Yep, she had one. Know what it was?

Her arms. My friend was so self-conscious that her arms were too skinny (yep, you read that right) that she ended up in a long-sleeved wedding gown. In August. In Texas. I bet she was sweltering. But for her, that was important – to hide that Trouble Spot.

Here’s the scoop. I need to get moving. And NOT just moving to the pantry to get a small portion of junk, either. Really. Moving. Because my Problem Areas are definitely not my skinny arms! And if I eat actual non-processed food that’s remotely healthy and get moving, I just might have a bit more energy after work. Just maybe I’d feel like doing something besides collapsing in the evenings. (Sadly, as I type this, I’m sucking down a Cup o’ Soup. But I PROMISE that dinner will not be powdered and/or processed.)

So thanks, ladies! Thanks for the inspiration and the reality check!

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I’ve Been Pinned!


I gave in. Caved. Submitted to peer pressure.

I set up a Pinterest account.

Those of you who know me, or have been reading, may remember that traditionally I have been Anti-Pin. The idea of copying what someone else has already done just doesn’t appeal to me. And the entire boards devoted to Elves-on-Shelves were nauseating. At least, I heard enough about them through Facebook to be totally turned off. Oh, forget it – I’m just gonna be honest here. The fact is that I’m just vain and proud enough to want to come up with my own stinkin’ ideas about how to decorate my home. So I rebelled. Besides, I think Pinstrosity is way more fun and entertaining. The Spouse and I got some good laughs out of a post just last night, in fact.

So why did I abandon my scruples and join the despised P?

I had to. Scratch that – it was strongly suggested by the creators of the blogging class I’m currently taking. And like any overachieving good student, I obeyed. Kicking and screaming, but I obeyed. Started checking it out.

Bottom line? I don’t get it. All this time, I’ve been under the impression that people posted pics of their oh-so-amazing craftiness, along with instructions for us lesser-talented folks to follow.

Am I missing something? All I see are a bunch of pictures. I even went to the Help section, which describes the Pin as basically a virtual bulletin board for images. Huh? Images? If it’s just pictures, where on earth am I supposed to get the supplies and directions to actually make these goodies?

Maybe it’s a learning curve. Maybe my age (!) somehow keeps me from getting this whole Pinterest thing. But I’m stymied. Confounded. Just plain ol’ confoosed.

So I’m about ready to give up the Pin once and for all – unless y’all have some advice, directions or a smack upside my head for me that will help me to figure this stuff out. Quickly. Cause I don’t have tons of free time to sit around trying to figure out how to pin, repin, unpin, etc. At this point I’m about to stick a big ol’ pin in my eye.

Mayday!! Please! Help me understand this stuff – and why I should even bother!!

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A Case of the Blahs

boredBlah. Even the word is – blah. Know what I mean? And, as my mom would say, I’ve got a serious case of the blahs today. In other words, I’m in a funk. In a rut. Spinning my wheels. Unsettled. Even – dare I say it – bored. (Here’s where Mom would chime in that ‘only boring people get bored,’ but I’ve got no defense at the moment.)

And the stupid part? It’s a beautiful spring day here in H-town. It’s Friday. I’ve had a short week thanks to our family trek up to Big D. So I’ve really got no reason at all to be stuck in the blahs.

So that got me thinking this morning. What exactly has me in full-on blah mode? That’s one of the problems with the blahs – they make your brain fuzzy and it’s hard to focus on the root of the problem. But I’m trying. Really hard. Extra coffee helps.

What have I come up with? Not much yet. A general sense of being stressed out. Lots of things that I would like/need to do, and inability to do them at the moment. Limited time in the evenings to work on said things. Even though I make my wonderful Type-A to-do lists, I’ve been too stinkin’ tired to get much of anything done when I get home. Plus the minions have been extra-needy, so any time I might have had before collapsing has been taken up with the Momness.

Makes me really frustrated. Add to that some situations that have me feeling like a leaf floating on a stagnant pond – blindly eddying in circles, meandering, directionless. Granted, I’m NOT powerless to make a change, but change requires effort, effort requires time, and time is something I don’t have much of during the day.

Ok, ok – I’ll be honest. That’s part of the problem right there. I actually DO have time – plenty of it – during the day. Thanks to a very slow week in the world of Big Commercial Real Estate. Even my boss from my fast food days – ‘If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean,’ – would be hard-pressed to come up with things to do around here. Trouble is, I can’t really do what I need to do at the office. Too many eyes, you know?

So I end up stewing in my own juices. Playing an endless loop of my to-do list in my head. All day. Thinking of all the things I need to get done in order to move forward. And having to sit and stew with no way of acting on any of it!!  See my frustration? Trying to cram a little work on my own stuff into my lunch break stresses me out even more because then I feel rushed. So my brain and body turn on their defense mechanism, which happens to be going into full-on blah mode. Guess it’s easier to be numb and blah than stressed out and frustrated. But the trouble is, nothing STILL gets done.

Hmph. What do you do when you get the blahs? Any tips, tricks or handy advice? My ears are open – and so is my brain. Bring it!


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Carbs and Beth

Ok, that’s it. Today’s the day. I’m doing it. I am SO doing it. Today. Right now. Yes, yes I am.

What am I doing? What’s the momentous resolution o’ the day? Wait for it – it’s a good one…


I’m giving up the nasty carbs at work.

Shocker, right? If you know me in the real world, you may not know the extent of my carboholism. I keep it fairly well hidden. But it’s bad. Bread, potatoes, anything crunchy or starchy – I’m all over that stuff. I actually tried to go Adkins once. Once. When the Spouse was on a health kick and went all-out Adkins I tried to be the supportive wife and jump on the bandwagon. My carbless-ness lasted until 10 AM. Seriously. And by then I was a jittery starving mess.

But I’ve realized lately that I’m eating more carbs than anything else. And that’s bad. And the carbs I’m eating? I don’t even like them. The only reason I’m eating them at all is that they’re there. Know what I mean? See, there’s a Snack Cabinet at the office. Full of stuff that’s just there for the taking. Sun Chips, Goldfish, Cheez-Its – you name it.

And pretzels. Rold Gold pretzels, to be exact. Which I don’t even like, as far as pretzels go. In fact they’re at the bottom of my list. But I’ve been eating them every day. Really. Just because they are sitting in that cabinet. The one I walk past every time I go to refill my coffee. It’s become automatic – fill the coffee, add the creamer, stir, get the pretzels, back to work.

I’m done. Done. It’s one thing to eat carbs that I like – but a totally different animal when I’m eating nasty tasteless crunchy Rold Gold pretzels. And you know what?? I just about reached for that cabinet door just now! When I took a break from typing this! Unbelievable!!

So that’s my resolution today. Not To Eat The Pretzels. You’re my witnesses here. Change is good, and more protein gives me more energy, right? Right.

Which brings me to the second part of today’s post. Visiting Big D always makes me homesick. Makes sense, since I consider that my home. But there’s more to it. Seeing friends and family brings out my insecure demons in full force. Family painted and redecorated the house? Suddenly my own house looks dingy and outdated. And I feel like a cruddy housekeeper because I haven’t hung the wall decor that I’ve had planned for months now. It’s just sitting on the floor in a neat little pile. But wait, there’s more. Fridge full of gourmet, organic, Whole-Foods-type goodies? Yeah, my kids eat mac and cheese. Out of the box. The kind with the cheese powder.

See what I mean? As much as I love visiting Big D, I almost always end up feeling crappy about myself, my life and the way I run it. Here’s the irony – my current read? You’re going to laugh.

Beth Moore’s So Long, Insecurity.

Guess I need to get reading, huh??

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