Resolved – February Update

feb calendar

So, if you’ve been keeping up with me at all you’ll remember that I’m doing a resolution of the month for 2013. February’s was to get more exercise. Specifically, to do some form of Zumba, yoga or Pilates at least 3-4 times a week. Since I’m being honest, here’s the monthly rundown:

  • Week 1: Technically February started on a Friday, so I decided to lump those first two days into the next week. Which was good, because that was the weekend of my Me-Retreat. Six hours of folk dancing? Surely that counts for a Zumba session or two, right? I think so. But I did two more Zumba sessions later that week too. BTW, Zumba via the Wii is doable, but not nearly as fun as going to an actual class. Most of the fun for me is the energy of the class and people. Plus the Wii belt slips and slides around way too much on my hips for me to really get into it.
  • Week 2: Valentine’s Week. Meh. Chocolate eating? Check. Plenty of that. Zumba once. Some yoga stretches here and there over the three days I got slammed with a massive migraine. Did go for a walk on Saturday before the monsoon hit and we were stuck inside for the rest of the weekend.
  • Week 3: Zumba twice. Walked the stairs once at work. Which I count, since I work on the ninth floor. But the nasty pre-spring H-town weather beat me down. Allergies run amok when it’s 50 degrees one day and 75 for the next three. And I turn into a zombie whenever I take any allergy meds, so entertainment for me on those days amounts to sitting and watching my hand move. Somewhere, the logical part of my brain tried to remind me that if I got my butt up and moving I’d feel better, but it was too hard to breathe. And I rationalized that if I was having trouble breathing sitting still, Zumba wouldn’t make it any easier. Nor would turning my sinuses upside down for some Downward Facing Dog. So I bailed.
  • Week 4: Zumba once. Got drafted into manual labor at work, so I ended up archiving, unstacking, moving and restacking eighteen file boxes across the office. Since I DID break a sweat, I count that as cardio. And I’ve got yoga on the docket for tonight.

Final grade: B-. I DID make the effort to exercise most weeks, and I DID end up exercising more than I have in recent months. So that’s a win. But with summer coming I need to amp up my toning via Pilates. Don’t get me wrong – I love the results – but Pilates involves so much core work that I usually end up feeling like I’m going to throw up halfway through the workout. Not cool. And I also noticed that, on the days I did exercise, I had more energy as a result. Duh.

So I’m going to try to stick with this one. Maybe expand to ‘some form of exercise’ instead of limiting myself to those three.

How about you? How are your resolutions coming? I’m really stoked about my March goal. Tune in tomorrow to check it out!

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