Ten Things I Love – About My Job

AdminOfficeAssistRemember my January resolution to be more positive? Well, in an effort to bring some of that back today, here you go. The Top Ten Things I Love About My Job. In no particular order other than the way they happened to pop into my brain over lunch.

  1. The park across the street
  2. Lunches in the park across the street
  3. Lunchtime shopping within walking distance
  4. Lack of women = lack of daily needless drama
  5. The ability to go to the bathroom whenever, without alerting the media (If you’ve ever taught school or supervised little kids, you know this one’s priceless.)
  6. People-watching
  7. The constant buzz of energy when all the sales guys are on the phone cranking out deals
  8. Uninterrupted time to work in my cube – and actually pace myself to get my own stuff done
  9. Ever-present coffee
  10. And my fave – don’t ask me why, but it is – the office-y smell coming off of the elevator. It’s a mix of paint, coffee, cleaning supplies, printing toner, paper, and who knows what else. It makes me feel productive and I love it.

What are your work-related Top Ten?? I’d love to hear!


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3 responses to “Ten Things I Love – About My Job

  1. I find this info an excellent way to stay positive and thankful. That type of attitude brings more of the same. Thanks so much for sharing : )

  2. Shannon

    I’m not sure I can come up with a top 10 list, but I am just grateful that I have a job, that there is some flexibility in it, and that the pay covers the basics.

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