The Big V-Day

Thought I’d jump on the bandwagon here and post a bit of my thoughts on today. Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of a double-edged sword around my house. Don’t worry – if you’re wondering, you know I’m gonna tell you why. Cause that’s how I roll.

See, growing up Valentine’s Day was kind of a big deal. Especially in high school. Not because of all the loot I pulled in – heck, no. Remember – I’m the girl who ended up selling Cokes at Homecoming while my date danced with his mom. Secretly I hope he somehow reads this and cringes at the memory – but that’s another story. No, it was all about the romantic dreaminess of the day for me. Somehow I always wondered if there was someone who would just – completely out of the blue – have a card or other mushy V-Day stuff for me.

Haha. I was the dork, remember? Never happened. Even in college, when I actually dated someone up to the beginning of February. We broke up and the guy had the nerve to send flowers on V-Day. Because he felt bad that I didn’t have a date. Guess what? I didn’t call him to thank him for the roses. Shocker.

And then I met the Spouse. Oh my. He was The One. I was thrilled and giddily swooning at the thought of V-Day. He was one of those teddy bear romantics on any given day, so I had high hopes for the Big Day. I’d worked out a complicated plan to swipe his keys, sneak into his apartment and decorate his room. Went off without a hitch.

And when he came over to my place for dinner, he walked through the door and said, ‘I didn’t get you a Valentine.’

Yeah, right. I knew he was playing me. Only – he wasn’t. He was telling the truth. He REALLY hadn’t done anything, not even scrawled ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on a piece of scrap paper (and believe me, there were plenty) in his car. Seriously.

I was crushed. Absolutely crushed. I’d finally found The One – and he dropped the ball on V-Day. WTHeck?? I tried to hold it in, but eventually the filter came off and I let him have it.

Needless to say, V-Day was a Really Big Deal the next year. And for a few after that. And then I got tired of the commercialism. Honestly, how sad is it that we let the media and commerce convince us that we need one day in the year to celebrate those we love? So we dialed it back. Now we celebrate with cards and a nice dinner. Remember, a ‘nice dinner’ is relative these days. Usually it means going to a restaurant that doesn’t pass out kids’ menus and crayons. But it never fails – we always get seated next to a family with eighteen kids, all screaming, yelling or texting. Irony. Every time.

So today it’s something different. We’re cooking. At home. After the minions go to bed. A meal that doesn’t involve mac ‘n cheese, chicken nuggets or ketchup in any way.

But part of me got snippy and felt slighted last night when it hit me that nothing sparkly, silky or shiny will be coming my way today. What’s up with that? We’ve had this deal for a few years now. It was enough that I took off the filter and mentioned our first V-Day and how he still owes me for mental distress, scarring, you name it. PMS anyone?

Huh. Guess my awareness of media campaigns doesn’t make me totally immune to them. Bummer. I always thought that enlightenment and awareness would help me evolve past stupid immature reactions.

Not this time. But since it’s the 20th anniversary of that infamous first V-Day, I’ll cut myself a break. And focus on the other 364 days of the year.

But something sparkly and shiny sure would be nice…

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