It’s All About Priorities, Y’all

Yes, y’all is a word. A bona fide word. At least here in H-town and surrounding states. Yes, I was born a Yankee. Yes, my extended fam make fun of me and think it is freakin’ hilarious whenever I use it. I don’t care. It’s part of my partly-Southernness. And yes, I made up that word. So?

Anyhoo, I’m still tryng to figure out this WordPress stuff. It’s more of a learning curve than I thought. Or maybe Blogger was more of a ‘blogging for dummies’ platform. It had three buttons: New Post, Publish and View Blog. Simple and easy. All was good – until I started hearing that it wouldn’t let some readers comment (that’s censorship, y’all!) and it decided I should pay to post pics. Not cool. So here I am.

This WordPress dashboard is seriously pushing my learning curve. My cheese has been moved – about a mile. I need clearly labeled buttons, not just icons. Or I need an icon key. And it’s probably there, on the dashboard, right in front of my face. And the next time I log on I’ll probably figure that out and feel like a doofus for not seeing it the first time. I was like a deer in headlights yesterday. Oh well – change is good, right? And learning this platform will stretch my skill set, get my writing read and land me that awesome freelance job, right? Sure! Just a matter of time…

So priority one is learning this WordPress stuff. And in my book, there’s one way to do that. Blogging. A lot. I’ll just go ahead and apologize now for posting more often than usual, and tell you that these posts probably won’t be up to my usual witty repartee. Don’t hate. Just help me learn!

I’ve got another problem. Work is getting in the way of all this other stuff that I want to do! Bummer. I mean, I’ve got at least three books that I’m reading now, a stack on deck, and more coming from Amazon today. Seriously, work – don’t you understand that I’ve got goals here? Sheesh. It’s just work, right? Honestly, my whole person-ness should come first here.

Dream on.

And I’ve actually got ideas for hobbies too. I bought a cheesy Learn To… kit a couple of weeks ago at Half Price Books. And the other night I actually cracked it open and started to Learn To… What got in the way? Gee, let’s see… the books that were calling my name and the painting I’ve had in my mind for a month now that has yet to see canvas and my bed – sleep is highly underrated. So I’m stuck here. I’m spending more time trying to decide what to do – and fit it all into my limited free time – than I am actually doing it.

If work would just see this and understand that I could use a 1-2 hour reading/hobby break in the middle of the day, this would be so much easier! Shocker – they don’t get it. Sigh. But seriously – can you imagine how much more productive we would be if everyone got time to stretch their brains in other directions during the workday? I’ve got it – now I can add that research project to my list of stuff I want to do during the day. Maybe I could swing that one at work.

Not surprisingly, I doubt it. But it is what it is. Maybe I can learn to telepathically read the books in my desk while editing marketing materials.


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One response to “It’s All About Priorities, Y’all

  1. Shannon

    I’ll try to be your first comment. Have you thought about audio books? I much prefer actually reading a book but it would give you something to listen to on your long commute, plus help you get through the stack of books you want to read. Just a thought…

    Good luck with the learning process. I very much enjoy reading what you have to say, even if I don’t usually comment.

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