Seriously, I Need Help!

I realized this morning that I have a serious problem. A Very Serious Problem. I’ve been stewing about it for most of the day (well, stewing is relative. In the sense that it’s been nagging at the back of my brain while my body has been busy with a zillion other work-related tasks, that is.) Here it is: I have no real time to read. And for once, I have too many books.

Too many books, too little time. In between my 6 AM alarm, getting self, Spouse and two minions out the door, hour-long commute to the office, full workday and the hour (sometimes hour-plus) drive home – there just isn’t time left. Add to that the fact that, once I get home there are family activities, homework to check, minions to spend time with/prepare for the next day and Spouse to chat with – and there’s JUST NO EXTRA TIME!!
And, truth be told, reading is my real hobby.  I would rather go a day without breathing than reading. I mean it. Writing is a close second, but I really don’t think I would survive long without immersing myself in a good book (or several.) The current dilemma is that, between Barnes and Noble and Amazon gift cards, my reading stash has grown and I can’t decide what to read first. I fall into my normal pattern of staring blankly at the pile of books (and my Kindle) like a deer in headlights. Waste all of my time trying to decide what to read rather than reading. Bummer. It really stinks, especially given my lack of time.
Diehards would tell me to suck it up and get up an hour or two earlier to ‘enjoy some quiet reading time just for me.’ Who are they kidding? Those peeps have obviously never tried the kind of 12+ hour days full of required stuff that are the norm on my docket. Argh!!
So what exactly is in the oh-so-tempting pile? I’ll tell you. And it’s even worse now because I got a box from Amazon yesterday. Books, of course. Here’s my stash:
1.       A Storm of Swords – this one’s kind of on the back burner. I got burned out by all of the head-rolling.

2.       This Side of Paradise – always have loved Fitzgerald and Zelda.

3.       Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen, of course.

4.       Quiet!I actually just finished this one. An interesting study of introverts and society.

5.       Outliers – Just started this one but it seems good already. Gives reasons for refuting the ‘hard work is the only thing that determines success’ idea.

6.       Case Histories – new novel

7.       The Liars Club – another new novel.

Can you see my dilemma?? What do you think? Which should come first?? And how the heck should I manage my time?!

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