So I can’t help but notice that hits on the blog have been abysmally low since yesterday. It’s either a) Some of you read the rant I briefly posted and took down or b) The last couple of posts haven’t been up to the standards of my usual repartee (Downtonism alert!)

If the rant turned you off to my writing – I apologize. Everyone has a bad day now and then, and Sunday/Monday was a doozy. Venting done, and removed permanently from this forum.

If the lack of interesting content turned you off – COMMENT and tell me what you’d like to read about. I’m very flexible and more than willing to accommodate – especially if it means more readers!

Finally – if you like what you read – SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Remember, I’m trying to get exposure here. And wouldn’t you help out the starving artist on the college campus? Sure you would. You’re a nice, philanthropically-minded soul. So do me a solid and share my posts!! I’m begging here!!

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