Proving My Point – and Back to the Grind

Yesterday was Christmas. We had a fabulous day, just the four of us. Family visited over the weekend, so the actual Christmas Eve and day were just us. Perfect. Since the kids are still little enough to do the whole Santa thing, it’s nice to be in our own house for all of that. Less stress and trouble. And we were able to do all of our family traditions on our own schedule.

One of those traditions is hitting the mall bright and early Christmas Eve. I know, I know – crazy, right? But that’s the fun of it. Aside from any little last-minute things I might see, my shopping is usually done by that point. Besides, it’s fun to watch all of the crazed people who waited until the day before to even START shopping. To a point.

Example 1 – This is what the Apple store looked like at 9:15 AM:

If you’re like me, you didn’t even recognize it. Empty except for the red shirts waiting hopefully for a guinea pig – or someone with a last-minute issue. Not so at the other end of the mall.
Example 2 – If you’ve read either of my posts here or here, you know that these guys have NOT planned ahead. More ammo for my argument about buying women lingerie for major holidays. Not only were the only shoppers in here men, the majority of them were completely shell shocked and clueless.

These guys were the lucky ones, I guess. More often than not, they usually look like this guy:

I know, I know. He’s sideways. Can’t figure out how to fix that at the moment. But what you can’t see is the entire drawer of bras he just finished decimating, looking for something for his girl. And when the clerk offered to help, he couldn’t even tell her the girl’s size. See?? It’s just like I said!!

Example 3 –  I did find this lovely dress. But even though it meets the ‘less than three inches from the knee’ rule, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t meet the office dress code. I’d probably be sent to work down the hall.

And now it’s sideways too. Dang it! I promise these pics are NOT sideways the way I have them saved. Getting frustrated with technology now…

And finally – since I’m an editor – I couldn’t leave you on this Boxing Day without yet another reminder of why my job is necessary. I’m thinking I should start collecting these and publish a book. Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do. If someone (has to be a former teacher) can go out and publish a book of wrong test answers, surely I can put together a collection of these babies. Because they are everywhere!!

See, before I can even consider buying anything here, I need to know a couple of things. How much does Mark cost? How big is he? I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck.
Can you tell I’m back at work today and editing madly??

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