A Secret Motherlode

I have a confession. Ready? Even though I love the city, the culture, being downtown, local markets, off-the-beaten-path places, etc. etc. etc. – part of me can’t let go of the ‘burbs entirely. After all, I was raised in suburbia. Granted, my parents considered that the ‘Big City’, considering they grew up in a town of 1100, but still… My hometown was in the suburbs. And that’s where I live now, albeit a different suburb of a completely different Big City. Not necessarily by choice – as my blog description tells you – but by situation. The Spouse and I went round and round on that one when we bought our house twelve years ago. I was all for the in-town loft, he wanted the white picket fence just in case we had kids someday.

Guess where we still are? Yup. Actually, the fence is brown, but you get the idea.

Anyhoo, one of the suburban quirks that I can’t let go of is my love of Target. It’s a problem. I go in for one thing and come out with a cartload. I’ve actually been banned from the dollar section. Seriously. If I were a hoarder that would be my downfall. So what’s the problem? I hate suburban Targets. I do. See, they’re always full of suburban mommies – many of them SAHM’s – but that’s not the problem. If I could stay home, I would. The issue is the type of suburban mommies that congregate there. You know the ones. The ones who have a few minutes between tennis and the mani-pedi. The ones who get all done up in the latest Miss Me jeans and Jimmy Choos – in full makeup and hair – with toddlers in tow.

I’m sorry, but when my kids were toddlers I was doing good to get to Target in actual clothes and not pajamas. Forget showering, makeup and hair. I have no idea where these women get the time and energy to do that.

So, given my love of Target, you can imagine my glee when a coworker told me about the Secret Target near the office. It’s less than a block from the highway, yet completely invisible from the access road. If you weren’t looking for it you would never know it was there. And I’ve been there many times since my first excursion. It’s awesome! Since it’s in the middle of the city, near the bus line and surrounded by apartments there’s always plenty of parking. The only issue I’ve had with the parking lot is that apparently people call cabs when they decided to go buy furniture – so there’s at least one cab waiting at the front on any given day. But that’s just a minor annoyance. Nothing like the ten SUV’s parked at the curb at my neighborhood Target. Inside, the good stuff is hardly ever picked over and decimated the way the ‘burby Targets get. I’ve found the size I was looking for every single time I’ve looked for clothes.


Even this week, two weeks before Christmas, I only waited in the checkout line for three minutes. THREE MINUTES! Stupendous.

Granted, they let me down in two areas today:

1 – One of the items I was looking for was priced at double the amount Amazon wanted me to pay. Strike One.

2 – Today I was slowed down by the umpteen businessmen with shopping carts wandering aimlessly around, staring vacantly. Suggestion – have a big Man-Sized Map for Lost Guys. Big enough and bright enough so that men won’t have to wander or actually ask for directions.

What’s your secret spot?? Do tell!

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