I’ve been in a bit of a funk this weekend. Why? Basically because of people, places and things. Narrows it down, doesn’t it? Yeah, I thought so. Anyhoo, I need a break from my head, so I went flipping through my lunchtime journal and found – from a couple of weeks ago – some lunchtime people watching.

Remember, I work across the street from, and often lunch in, a park. On this one particular occasion I decided, on a whim, to jot down everyone and everything I saw and heard. Here’s my list:

One of the Girls Down The Hall strutting by in her Halloween tights (yes, really) with a cappuccino.

A hipster-ish 20-something dude wandering through the park, stopping occasionally to gather ‘plant samples.’ Not sure what they were, but he was pretty proud of his bouquet after about ten minutes.

Two city-casual women having coffee. You know the type. The ones who look like they roll out of bed effortlessly-put-together.

Generic Business Guy With Bluetooth.

An uptight dude, animatedly having a phone conversation in a foreign language. Not sure what it was about, but the volume kept escalating.

Hipster Dude #2 With Starbucks and Bottled Pepsi

Career Chick With Kindle

A group of business people having a lunch meeting: Laptops in the Park. Sounds like a composition- or a painting.

Ambient noises: airplanes, traffic, chitchat, lawn mowing.

And all of this in less than twenty minutes! Not the most exciting, but it’s getting me out of my head at the moment, and that’s a good thing.

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