Election Day in the City

So it’s finally here. Election Day. At this point I’m not sure whether I’m more excited to find out the results or for it to be over. See, I usually avoid political discussions like the plague. Years ago I’d get into debates with any an everyone over the issues. Which, without fail, ended with me getting my hair in knots and popping a vein in the side of my forehead. I’ve learned since then.

What have I learned? Most people don’t really want to discuss the issues. They just want to give you their opinion (supported by whatever ‘research’ they can dig up to support their point) and have you nod your head and/or agree vigorously.

That’s not how I roll. Discussion is a two-way street. And sadly, my opinions usually differ from the demographics where I live. So I’m usually in the minority. Which explains why I just don’t discuss it any more.

One of the women at work voted today. It took her over two hours. Why? That’s a story. She actually made the news. Apparently, the voting staff in her county (she lives quite far from uptown) were encouraged to turn on the polling machines early to allow them to configure. Staff was even cautioned to do this at 6 am. But they didn’t, waiting until just before the doors opened at 7.

Result? It was like getting to the doctor for an 8:00 appointment only to wait an hour until the doc actually comes in at nine. And in a metro as big as ours, that’s a disaster. Hence our coworker making the midday news.

Yikes. One more reason that I’m looking forward to the end of all this hoopla. Yes, it’s a privilege as an American to participate in the democratic process. Yes, I consider myself patriotic. But when politics turns adults into terrible-twoish tantrum throwers, I’m out. I’ve done my time with tantrums. Twice.

The best part? Tomorrow it will be over! And if you didn’t vote, you can’t complain!

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