It snuck up on me this year. The Last Weekend Of Summer. Where did the last three months go? Oh yeah – new job, trip to visit family, brief jaunt to San Antonio sans kids, spouse’s dental surgery. Big stuff. And we successfully got R and V registered at their new school and Met the Teachers last night. They’re stoked. So am I – I LOVE the new school. Warm and inviting, smiling friendly staff and really enthusiastic teachers for both boys. That takes a HUGE load off my mind, since I have been so worried about them switching schools for the first time, not knowing many other kids, leaving their friends behind, etc. The Mom Guilt.

They already love it. R was exclaiming about all of the ‘high-level books’ in his teacher’s class library and the ‘ultimate’ water fountain he discovered right across the hall. V thinks it’s the coolest that his class is in a portable – with its own bathroom – and windows to the outside. What more could any 2nd grader ask for?

So this weekend. MIL is coming in the morning to get some Grandma time with the boys, and the spouse and I are headed off for our annual summer staycation. This started years ago when we first had R. Actually we stole the idea from my high school band director and his wife, who was my private lesson teacher. They always had a weekend getaway in November when football season (and marching band) finished. We changed it up a bit back when the spouse was teaching high school. Last weekend of summer became our last hurrah of ‘us’ time before weekends were consumed with football games, parades, contests, you name it. We head into town, check in to our fave hotel, and chill. No schedule, just time to decompress. The calm before the storm. Usually that involves shopping at places the kids would hate (but we love), late dinner at a restaurant that does not offer crayons, chocolate milk or a kids’ menu, and local live music. Sometimes a movie or two. Actual time to sit and read books!

Oh, and we enjoy a late, leisurely breakfast with lots of coffee. This is exciting because I have a new coffee cup – the most amazing mug! It was a gift, guaranteed to keep my coffee warm for hours. And it does! I timed it the other day and my java was still toasty warm FOUR HOURS after I had filled the mug! Greatness! Sometimes it’s the little things in life…

I’m ready. All the start-of-school stuff is done. New backpacks, shoes, lunch kits – check. So bring on the weekend!!

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