I Love This Man…

James Bond. More specifically, a few select incarnations of James Bond. And it’s bad. It must be, or why else would this conversation have happened over dinner last weekend?

V: Mommy has a boyfriend.
R: Yep. We know all about it. He’s James Bond!

Guess they’ve heard my comments about how Daniel Craig is a beautiful man or saw me wipe away the drool during that one segment of the Olympic opening ceremonies…

Whatever. James Bond is my crush.

All time fave is Sean Connery. His mannerisms and overall suavity – is that a word? – would make me swoon if I ever met him in person. Pierce wasn’t bad either. But DC sure gives them both a run for their money. It’s the blue eyes.

Funny, I never dated anyone with blue eyes. Well, except for about three days in high school. It was this one time – at band camp…

Anyhoo, my spouse just laughs it off. To this day he denies the entire season he spent watching Will and Grace with me, commenting regularly on Debra
Messing. No matter. I remember an tease him back when he starts in on me.

So I saw this pic today and cannot wait till Skyfall in November. I’m sure there will be an action-packed story and a Bond girl or two – and you can’t beat Judi Dench’s M – but let’s admit that the real draw is JB in a tux.

Can’t beat that.

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