Spousal Shout-Out

I need to take a minute today and give a big shout-out to my spouse. See, this summer has been really different for us. It’s not only the first summer that I’ve worked since college, it’s the first summer since we’ve had the minions that I have not been home full-time with them. And that leaves my spouse in charge.

He’s totally into the Mr. Mom thing. Totally. I’m convinced that the boys will say that this summer has been the best ever? Why? Because they get to do the guy stuff 24 – 7. And they love it. Here’s just a small sampling of their summer:

Day Camp
Game Stop
Joystix – downtown arcade-type thingy
Napoli’s pizza
Checking out the New School Playground
Roller Skating
Game Stop
Movies with popcorn for lunch (!)
Phineas and Ferb marathons
The Pool
Playing in the sprinklers
Helping with yardwork (they LOVED this and haven’t figured out that it’s a chore yet…)

Did I mention Game Stop?

He’s even got them doing chores, feeding the cats and helping to clean the house. When I try that I get whining. He just gives them the Dad Stare and they comply.

He’s an awesome Dad. Kudos to you, Spouse!

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