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I Finished It!!

Last night was a milestone. I finally finished A Game of Thrones! Not the series – I refuse to watch that until I’ve read the books – but the book. The first book. It’s been a summer project, and I’ve taken quite a few breaks in the reading just to let my brain have a break. Excellent book!

Why would my brain need a break, then? Well, because of the way the book is written. Each chapter has a character’s name and is told from that person’s point of view. Unique, really, but confusing at first. Since you’re just plunged into a story without any character background it takes a while to get oriented. I think I got about a third of the way through before things started making sense. And I had to get used to the constant cliffhangers at every chapter’s end, since the next chapter picks up with someone else’s story line. It reminded me a bit of Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour. Really, it’s a great writing technique since it keeps you reading just to find out – several chapters later – what happened next to each character.

I have to admit, though, that I didn’t expect the entire book to end with a series of cliffhangers. That was a bit disappointing. However, thanks to the magic of Kindle, I have instant (well, almost instant) access to the next book. But I guarantee that the next book will NOT start with the character who ended the first. That would be too satisfying, and I’m frustrated with that. Not. Happy. And with the cast of ever-growing characters I feel like I need to start summarizing, time-lining or charting each character’s story. Yes, time-lining is a verb. I made it up. So there. Anyhoo, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Taylor might actually be proud that I am considering using one of their techniques in my own personal reading. Something I SWORE I would never do back in my teenage wisdom. Yet another instance where an adult was right. Sigh. And I was so determined to prove them wrong…

Signing off now – I’ve got just enough time before getting the minions off to school and heading to the world of Big Commercial Real Estate to resume the story. Wonder how many heads will roll this morning…?

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First Day

Where does the time go? It doesn’t seem possible that I have a second and a fourth grader! Somehow I wonder where those snuggly little bundles of mine went. Makes me sad for a minute, and then I remember the stuff I’ve blocked out: diapers for two, washing bottles, sippy cups, cleaning endless amounts of Cheerios out of the car…

And I’m loving the big little guys I have now. Way to rock the new school, Bells!

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One question. So many possibilities.

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It snuck up on me this year. The Last Weekend Of Summer. Where did the last three months go? Oh yeah – new job, trip to visit family, brief jaunt to San Antonio sans kids, spouse’s dental surgery. Big stuff. And we successfully got R and V registered at their new school and Met the Teachers last night. They’re stoked. So am I – I LOVE the new school. Warm and inviting, smiling friendly staff and really enthusiastic teachers for both boys. That takes a HUGE load off my mind, since I have been so worried about them switching schools for the first time, not knowing many other kids, leaving their friends behind, etc. The Mom Guilt.

They already love it. R was exclaiming about all of the ‘high-level books’ in his teacher’s class library and the ‘ultimate’ water fountain he discovered right across the hall. V thinks it’s the coolest that his class is in a portable – with its own bathroom – and windows to the outside. What more could any 2nd grader ask for?

So this weekend. MIL is coming in the morning to get some Grandma time with the boys, and the spouse and I are headed off for our annual summer staycation. This started years ago when we first had R. Actually we stole the idea from my high school band director and his wife, who was my private lesson teacher. They always had a weekend getaway in November when football season (and marching band) finished. We changed it up a bit back when the spouse was teaching high school. Last weekend of summer became our last hurrah of ‘us’ time before weekends were consumed with football games, parades, contests, you name it. We head into town, check in to our fave hotel, and chill. No schedule, just time to decompress. The calm before the storm. Usually that involves shopping at places the kids would hate (but we love), late dinner at a restaurant that does not offer crayons, chocolate milk or a kids’ menu, and local live music. Sometimes a movie or two. Actual time to sit and read books!

Oh, and we enjoy a late, leisurely breakfast with lots of coffee. This is exciting because I have a new coffee cup – the most amazing mug! It was a gift, guaranteed to keep my coffee warm for hours. And it does! I timed it the other day and my java was still toasty warm FOUR HOURS after I had filled the mug! Greatness! Sometimes it’s the little things in life…

I’m ready. All the start-of-school stuff is done. New backpacks, shoes, lunch kits – check. So bring on the weekend!!

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Too Many Grey Cells

Sometimes I really think that I have too much brain. And I don’t mean that in a narcissistic or good way. At all. I love Poirot, and he always makes reference to his ‘leetle grey cells.’

I wish I could turn mine off.

See, I really think that I have some kind of obsessive problem about thinking. Meaning that I do too much of it. Deciding what to order at a restaurant? Mildly disturbing – if I’ve been there before. If I haven’t, it’s a major undertaking. What to wear? That depends on where I’m going. If it’s someplace important this could result in hours of planning, over thinking and over analyzing – with the end result that I give up and just throw something on. Job interviews? Fine – while they’re happening. But I guarantee that afterwards I will spend the next hour, afternoon, day, weekend rethinking and deciding what I should have said instead.

Important conversations? Don’t even get me started. I may seem like I’m composed when I’m talking to you, but really I’m all aflutter. What comes out of my mouth is what is first in my mind at the time. But I guarantee that I’ll spend the next hour, afternoon, day… going back over what you said, how you said it and what it could have meant. And that’s when I see you face to face. How I screwed it up. I admit it – my brain always goes to the negative in these kinds of situations. Really. I even have a rubber band on my wrist that I use to snap myself with when I get stuck in these negative spirals.

Email? Text? Forget it. More than once, I’ve stewed myself into a real swivet (my new favorite word) over the meaning of a word or sentence, the speed (or lack thereof) of a reply. It’s a nightmare. Really. I’m about to swear off of email.

But then I’d probably find a way to over analyze the looks people give me when I’m out in public too.

Do they do brain transplants yet? Because I need to be on that list…

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Being the Bigger Person

I did it again. I wrote a blog post. A stream-of-consciousness ramble (is that a redundant description?) that didn’t even begin to go into details.

But you know what?

I’m not posting it.


I guess that’s a big part of what being an adult is – impulse control.

When in the world did I become an adult??

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I Love This Man…

James Bond. More specifically, a few select incarnations of James Bond. And it’s bad. It must be, or why else would this conversation have happened over dinner last weekend?

V: Mommy has a boyfriend.
R: Yep. We know all about it. He’s James Bond!

Guess they’ve heard my comments about how Daniel Craig is a beautiful man or saw me wipe away the drool during that one segment of the Olympic opening ceremonies…

Whatever. James Bond is my crush.

All time fave is Sean Connery. His mannerisms and overall suavity – is that a word? – would make me swoon if I ever met him in person. Pierce wasn’t bad either. But DC sure gives them both a run for their money. It’s the blue eyes.

Funny, I never dated anyone with blue eyes. Well, except for about three days in high school. It was this one time – at band camp…

Anyhoo, my spouse just laughs it off. To this day he denies the entire season he spent watching Will and Grace with me, commenting regularly on Debra
Messing. No matter. I remember an tease him back when he starts in on me.

So I saw this pic today and cannot wait till Skyfall in November. I’m sure there will be an action-packed story and a Bond girl or two – and you can’t beat Judi Dench’s M – but let’s admit that the real draw is JB in a tux.

Can’t beat that.

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