Downward Facing Dog

Yoga on a beach always looks so peaceful and idyllic. It’s something on my bucket list. All of the people in travel brochures always look so stress-free, happy and refreshed during their practice. Yes, I know that’s all staged and those people are just models, but it’s still perfect-looking enough to make me want to try it someday. In the meantime…

I’ve dabbled in yoga here and there for a few years. But the fact is, I’m just not that flexible. I get discouraged when my body just won’t do what the perfectly-color-coordinated-in-their-yoga-gear people can easily do on TV. Number one – my yoga gear usually consists of a ratty t-shirt and shorts. Number two – most of my yoga attempts have been with a DVD or rarely-found TV program (complete with commercial breaks.) Number three – my Type-A-ness wants to do everything right. And when my stiff muscles just won’t stretch as far as they’re supposed to, I get discouraged and feel anything but relaxed and refreshed.

I thought I’d found a good workout. Some show on the Green Network – before our cable provider generously decided not to carry it anymore. So I turned to DVD’s. Well, one DVD. Rodney Yee and Power Yoga. It’s doable. But after a couple of years of the same practice – I’m bored. Plus, something about a man in a Speedo talking me through yoga poses just bothers me. It does. Rodney has me interested in exploring other options but I’m at a standstill.

I tried a yoga class at the gym once. It felt good at the time but I was basically unable to move the next day. Something told me that you’re not supposed to feel that way after a good practice, so I didn’t go back there. I have friends who do Bikram, but stories of having to leave the studio and be sick have me pretty intimidated about trying it myself. So here’s my question – how do I get started on a good daily practice that will let me progress at my own speed, but still see results? Classes or DVDs?

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