It’s A Date!

Saturday was Date Night at our house. It had been a while – and the last Date Night was to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes. Sorry, Robert Downey, Jr. – I love you but you were boring in this film. It wasn’t your fault that the writing was lackluster and the plot was slow. You just didn’t get the chance to embrace your inner Tony Stark and add some action. I feel sorry for you. And I felt sorry for us, sitting through that on a (rare) night out sans minions.

So on to Saturday. Dinner Out. A real Dinner Out, without crayons, plastic cups and French fries. I was stoked. I was so stoked that I decided to splurge and have someone else do my hair. Good thing, since the H-town humidity was in full force and if I had tried to do it myself I would have looked like a used Q-tip by 5 PM. The minions had money saved for new video games, so off we went to the mall. Guys headed to Game Stop and I went on to Toni and Guy.

Aside – let me make this perfectly clear – I LOVE it when someone else washes my hair. Love it. As in, my perfect day would entail at least an hour getting my hair shampooed. Something about the combination of yummy smelling fancy salon shampoo, warm water and a scalp massage puts me nearly to sleep every time. So I had an ulterior motive here. The shiny hairstyle was just an added bonus – I really just wanted someone to scrub on my head for a while. Maybe it’s because it washes the excess thoughts away, I don’t know. Anyway, it feels really good.

OK, so back to reality. Imagine my surprise when my stylist, Bree – a lovely woman with the most gorgeous streaky-blonde highlights – turned out to be Barry, the guy who used to do my hair across town. Small world, big city. After asking Bree if she used to work at the other location and getting an affirmative answer, the only question I could think of was, “Didn’t you used to be brunette?” Yes, my social skills are embarrassingly lacking at the most unfortunate times. But hey, it was a good sign that Date Night was going to be much more interesting than Sherlock Holmes snorefest! And Bree did a fabulous job on my hair, even giving me a trim for free!

Fast forward to dinner. Actually put on makeup – something that has been sorely lacking in my daily routine recently. I admint, I did have to check my latest In Style for some guidelines. Apparently it’s OK now to do smoky eyes with a bold lip – who knew? Put on an LBD and my tall boots and I was ready to rock the world!

So we went to Benihana. No, it wasn’t prom or homecoming. Frankly, I never went there for prom or homecoming – but I did go to the restaurant on top of Reunion Tower in Dallas once. Yes, it’s cheesy. Yes, every teen thinks it’s the epitome of a date place. But we love hibachi (sushi is growing on us, but hibachi is better) and it’s the best place we have found in H-town to get it. Ironic that we went into town for a basically suburban date, but like I said, part of it was the lack of minion company that was really exciting for a change…

Benihana is always fun. Like I said, no homecoming or prom dresses, but the cast of characters was even more colorful without them. There’s something about sitting around a table with six strangers that brings out perfect people-watching. Like the sales executive who ordered the octopus and seaweed hand roll to impress his clients when he had obviously never eaten it before. That was entertaining to watch. This time, our companions were a heavily-tattooed couple out for a romantic evening – and halfway through their fishbowl-sized blue beverage from the bar. Moving down the table was another couple who clearly made it their objective to get the Tattooines further inebriated by ordering them yet another blue fishbowl. Let’s just say that our chef got the loudest cheers of any in the restaurant (from that end of the table) for salting the food. Finally (and luckily) there was a normal, quiet younger couple next to us – but they wanted mushrooms left out of everything, which was a bit tricky since the rest of us ordered them. In a nutshell – great food, impeccable people-watching and a minion-free dinner. Not the most exciting Date Night – but again, it’s not about where you go, it’s the fun you find while you’re there!

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