Sliding Doors

Am I the only one who absolutely loves this movie? It’s one of my go-to favorites – at the top of my chick-flick list. One of the DVD’s I pull out on the rare occasions that I find myself alone in the house – sans kids and spouse – and can only fully enjoy in uninterrupted solitude. Why? Apart from the obvious gorgeousness of Gwyneth Paltrow (that haircut!) and the Scottish guy whose name I can never remember, the movie’s premise always makes me think. The idea that every small occurrence or choice that you make can drastically alter your life. Deep stuff. Deep – as in bottomless tar pit full of millenia-old dinosaur fossils deep.

Why am I watching this today? Thinking along these lines now? Because, quite simply, I found myself at a big set of sliding doors today. Gargantuan. Figurative, of course, not literal. One of the biggest in a line of sliding doors in my recent life. I’ll be honest – I made a stupid choice. An unbelievably stupid choice. The type of choice that ‘smart, educated people like me’ shouldn’t and generally don’t make. Ever. But I did. And now I’m at a crossroads. So which way do I go now? Absolutely no idea. None. But the world is bright with opportunity, right? Sure. Of course, now I’m questioning and thinking and overanalyzing everything. Do all working moms feel this way? Moms in general? Minus stupidity, of course. I sure hope so.

The light spot here is that I know God has a plan for me. This is just a bend in that path. My type-A-ness seems to think I should know what lies beyond the bend. But that’s not for me right now. Next on my list: prayer, prayer and more prayer for guidance and direction. So that’s me at the moment. In a nutshell.

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